2013 15/01

The dangers

I should have known better. After all, I’ve been here before.

But I got caught up in the moment. The romance of it all. Your secrets. Your possibilities. Your character and charm.

I let your “what if”s and “we could”s and the “can you just imagine”s cloud my judgement. I was giddy with the ideas of the future and change and moving forward. Settling in. Finding us.

And then, two words took you away…


Just like that, the bubble was burst. The door, shut. No more day dreaming of kids playing in the secret bonus room. Of how I would fix you up. Make you mine. Ours. You belong to someone else.

This is the danger one runs into when house hunting. Especially when your house is listed but no offers have been made. I’ve been very careful not to look through online listings of other houses because I know that we still have a long, unpredictable road ahead of us before we are able to seriously look at another house. One for us to buy.

But, on a whim, we looked at a house on Sunday and I found myself falling in love with it. Then, last night, Tim told me that that house had an accepted offer. I’m not sure exactly what I was hoping for. I guess I was hoping that the house would stay on the market a little longer, giving us enough time to sell ours or see if the bank would make a trade (ours for theirs). Because that house hit all of our “must haves” and a lot of our “it would be awesome to haves”.

But now we step back into reality and focus on selling our condo. One step at a time. And, in the mean time, I’ll secretly hope that the deal on that house falls through and I find it on the market again one day. Waiting for me.

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  • Those sale pending labels are the worst! My husband and I are house hunting right now too; I will not look at those houses so I don’t tease myself! Just like everything else, one house will come along that is just the right price, location and layout. And you will win that bid. Until then, keep your head high! (Those newly-engaged couples are beginning to house hunt and will eat up your condo in no time!)

  • Thanks, Christina! I keep telling myself to just stay positive (although difficult at times). Good luck to you and your husband, too!

  • Oh, I hear you. We had a home we LOVED loved- and it was taken off the market by its owner. Who did Smith and Wesson training for the Chicago PD. we let him keep his house.

  • Keely, that’s really funny! Yeah, I’d probably not argue with him either :)

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