2013 27/02

If 40 is the new 20, is 7 the new 16?

Shortly after Abbi was born, someone said to me, “These are the easy years! Parenting a teenage girl? Good luck!” While I wouldn’t necessarily say that the newborn, baby, and toddler years are easy and I know I’m a few years off from the official teen years, I can say that parenting Abbi now, at […]

2013 25/02

Three fixable mistakes from the 2013 Oscars

There was once a time where I would gladly stay up until midnight to watch the Oscars, but not lately. And definitely no this year. So, I just got caught up on what happened in the last hour of the Oscars, which was apparently quite a bit. Or at least more than what happened in […]

2013 19/02

She was cold and I was mad.

I had just picked Abbi up from school and was waiting to exit the parking lot. It’s a busy road and can take a bit to actually get out of there. This particular day was chilly, maybe upper 30s, slightly windy but not snowing. Just a typical Winter day. Then I saw her. Walking on […]

2013 15/02

Her heart

She has always been my “emotional” one. She wears her heart on her sleeve. And I love her for this. It is who she is. When we are at a play area with other kids, I often find Abbi gravitating to the littlest ones there. She likes to help them climb onto of objects and slide […]

2013 11/02

Wii Giveaway!

Five-ish years ago, during the holidays, I stood in line freezing my butt off outside of stores in the hopes of getting a Wii for my husband for Christmas. After doing this three different times that holiday season, I decided that was crazy and purchased a Wii system online {for slightly over retail price}. To […]

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