2013 05/02

Pinterest killed the Valentine

Maybe ‘kill’ is a bit strong. I guess some could argue that Pinterest has actually made the Valentine bigger and better. So I should clarify and say that Pinterest has killed the Valentines we all know and love — the store bought Valentines!

Don’t get me wrong, I do love me some Pinterest! And being that Valentine’s Day is just a week-ish away, the Pinterest stream is full of amazing Valentine’s Day ideas. Cookies and decorations. Handmade gifts and Valentiney outfits. And the cards! Oh my, the cards!

Pinterest, during the holidays especially, makes me wish I was the “Martha-Stewart” Mom that I am not. 

All of those cute decorated bags of candy. Cards with the kid holding a glow stick like a light saber. Cards that incorporate animals or mustaches and witty sayings and candy. Sure, I could probably recreate something that resembled those cute cards with a little time, glue, glitter and a few trips to the craft store. But then I remember….I need to recreate that card 46 times.

Source: ivillage.com via Michelle on Pinterest


Phew! Glad I talked myself off that ledge!

Still getting sucked into the world of Pinterest, there is always the option to use one of the many adorable printable cards that many of you creative types have made available! A little less labor (and glue and glitter), I would just need to download it, print it, cut them out and stick a piece of candy to them. Forty-six times. Which is still a lot of cutting.

Source: plumadorable.com via Tara on Pinterest


This is when I find myself walking the grocery store aisle of Valentine’s cards with two girls in tow. I will stand and wait as they hem and haw over which box of premade Valentines to buy. The Princesses? The Fairies? Some other very pink, sparkly creature? The box that comes with pencils or stickers? Once they make their decision, we’ll head home, tear apart the cards with their fabulous little perforated lines. They will sign their names to each card and I’ll attach a little piece of candy to each. Done.

And I’ll beat myself up about it as I continue to see moms post these amazing little cards they created on Pinterest and Facebook and blogs. Until 4pm on February 14, when my kids dump out their Valentine’s cards they received from their school friends on the table and I begin to notice that every single one is store bought. No cutesy handmade cards or amazing little creatures crafted out of candy and googley eyes. Just the same ol’ cards we’ve seen at the store for years, with their perforated edges and licensed characters.

And they are happy. Giggling over the card that this boy gave her or treasuring the card with their favorite character.

And I will sigh. Because, when it comes down to it, my kids don’t care. They don’t care if we buy cards from a store or spend six hours making them.

So, take that, Pinterest! The store bought Valentine’s Day cards are alive and well. And will happily clutter up my table this year!!!

{Shhh. There, there, Pinterest. I do still love you. After all, we do still have Easter and those cute, unrealistic ways to decorate eggs with kids.}

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