2013 11/02

Why I don’t like being the Tooth Fairy

Ugh! She lost another tooth. And, super, she has another loose one.

I know, that’s not the typical response you hear from a parent when their child loses a tooth. Typically it’s a fun right of passage for kids (and parents) as they lose their baby teeth. Those silly little toothless grins. The wonder of what the Tooth Fairy might leave for that tooth. It’s an exciting time. Unless your child is a hoarder.

Understand that I don’t use that term lightly. It is a real problem that we are continuing to work through with Abbi, thankfully with some actual progress. But it is still a daily battle. And when she showed me her toothless grin one day after school and handed me the little baggie with her tooth inside, I knew a battle was on the horizon.

Let me give you a little look back on our Tooth Fairy journey.

Abbi lost her first tooth exactly one year ago this week. She was so excited! But she wasn’t so sure about the Tooth Fairy taking her very first lost tooth. Understandable. This is a big moment in a kid’s life. We talked about it and, a few days after the tooth fell out, she decided it was time to leave it for the Tooth Fairy….with a note asking her if she could bring the tooth back tomorrow. What?


I explained that the Tooth Fairy probably wouldn’t bring back the tooth (because, really?) and she decided to wait. I may have mentioned that the tooth had an expiration date and if she waited too much longer, the Tooth Fairy might not come. Yeah, I’m that parent.

The next day she left it under her pillow, the Tooth Fairy came & left her a few dollars (being the first tooth and all), and she proceeded to cry about it all for the next few days. Not a fun experience.

Second tooth fell out about six months later. She promptly placed the tooth in her Tooth Fairy box but was not putting it out for the Tooth Fairy this time. There was no amount of money that was going to convince her to part with that tooth. And I wasn’t pushing it this time.

So, that brings us back to this week. Now we have two little teeth sitting in the Tooth Fairy box. What would she do?

To my amazement, she wanted to leave them out for the Tooth Fairy. What? Really? “I’m 7 now, mom. I can do this. It’s silly to keep them.” Ummm…yay?

A few nights later (we had a few ‘unsure’ nights in there) she was actually ready. She put her box on her dresser and went to bed. Only to be coming up stairs because she needed paper and a crayon to write the Tooth Fairy a note. A note? This should be interesting.

Dear Tooth Fairy, I would like to keep my tooth. May I still get money?  from Abbi

Dear Tooth Fairy,
I would like to keep my tooth. May I still get money?
from Abbi

This is where I become super kick-ass mom! We’re talking ‘award-winning’ mom…

The Tooth Fairy responded with her own note. In a pink, very fun font, she wrote:

My dearest Abbi,
Congratulations on losing another tooth! You are such a brave girl! Sadly I cannot leave your teeth and bring you money. I use my very special fairy dust to turn your teeth into coins. When you are ready, please leave your box on your dresser and I will come back with my very special tooth fairy dust.

“MOM!!!!! The Tooth Fairy left me a note!”

She was on cloud nine.

That night she was ready. Again. She left the box on her dresser. This time with a new note reading, “If you could, please leave me a doll.” This kid is killing me!!!!! We’ve gone from not wanting to get rid of the teeth to making requests now?

The Tooth Fairy did not leave her a doll but she did leave her some shiny coins sprinkled with a little fairy dust. Which, of course, blew her mind! Guess who is saving the fairy dust in a little ziplock….

So, that is what is like for the Tooth Fairy in the home of a little hoarder. It’s slowly getting easier and she’s slowly working through her need to hang on to everything. I’m sure she’ll talk about missing her teeth and will wish she still had them but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

How do your kids handle stuff like the Tooth Fairy? Are they excited to give up their teeth to this invisible little fairy? 

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