2013 19/03

The twos are for talking

Just over a month ago we celebrated Talon’s second birthday. A low key time with family. Perfect.

Two marks yet another milestone in his life. Officially moving from baby to toddler. The day before his birthday we had his 2 year check-up with the pediatrician. Part of me was dreading this appointment, while the other part had been looking forward to it.

Three months before this appointment, I wrote about how Talon was a “late talker” and the concerns I had. I had given myself permission to not worry, just yet. There could be so many reasons. We would see how the next few months would go and tackle it with our pediatrician at his two-year check-up, if we needed it. But we probably wouldn’t need it. I’m sure we wouldn’t need it. Right?


There we sat, in exam room #4 with the pediatrician. Waiting for the question.

So, how’s Talon doing with his vocabulary? Is he working on small sentences now?

Sentences? No.

That’s ok. Those will come. How many words would you say he knows? 100 or more?

No. Not 100. Maybe 5.

Yes, I just told our pediatrician that our two year old says 5 words.

A week later we were meeting with a woman from local Great Start. She was awesome. She came to our house with her bag of toys and observed Talon as he went about his play, in an effort to determine what might be causing his speech delay.

Her conclusion: Talon was one smart two year old. Many of the areas she was observing him in he excelled. Beyond her expectations for his age. But he just wasn’t talking. So she gave me some ideas/exercises to do with him and then we would set up an appointment with a speech therapist.

And here we sit. Still at about 5 words. A few weeks away from our speech therapy appointment.

I have high hopes for Talon’s twos. I know his speech will just erupt and he’ll be talking understandable circles around me.


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  • They do great work at Great Start – sometimes is just takes a little prodding from someone other than mom or dad. The first visit with the speech therapist, my son said words I have never heard him say before…I was SHOCKED!

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