2013 25/04

The boy is a de-diapering genius!

  I always thought that saying was a little silly. Something we parents can chuckle at. Then, I had Talon. As much as I love my moments of silence throughout the day, when it comes to Talon, silence is scary. Silence means he has concocted some sort of tower that he is trying to traverse […]

2013 24/04

Drive It Home event coming to Grand Rapids

Confession…. I cannot parallel park. Well, “cannot” might be too strong of a word. I probably can but I chose not to. I know, basically, how to do it but I refuse to do it. I will drive around looking for an alternate parking option before I’ll parallel park. This drives my husband crazy! At some […]

2013 23/04

We are officially on the house hunt!

We have 9 weeks until we close on our condo and it will officially no longer be ours. That means we have 9 weeks to find a new house. Sixty-three days. That might seem like a long time. But it’s not. Every day that ticks by is one day closer to moving our family into […]

2013 19/04

Celebrating real-life heroes with Matchbox

Driving around with Talon (age 2) in the car is always exciting. Ooohhh! Goooo! Mom!!! Ohhhhh! Semi-trucks. Construction vehicles. Tractors. Fire trucks. Police cars.  He loves them all! Race cars. Boats. Monster Trucks. Trains. The boy does not play favorites. If it moves, he loves it!

2013 18/04

Top 10 Epic “Rain” Songs

We’re on the verge of breaking all sorts of rain records around the Great Lakes area so I thought it was only fitting that we share some of our favorite “rain” inspired songs. Here are my top 10: 1. Blown Away – Carrie Underwood

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