2013 01/04

Introducing Family by Sygic

What on Earth is he doing? How can it possibly take him this long to go get pizza? 

A few clicks on my iPhone later and there is my answer.

Well, that explains it. Someone decided to stop by the car wash.

That may not be the reason why Family by Sygic was created but sure is a nice side feature! The actual purpose behind Family is much, much cooler!

Family by Sygic is this all encompassing smartphone app that any family with tweens or teens should take some time to look at!


Let me give you a little rundown about the app and then I’ll tell you why you need it!

Family by Sygic is, in the most basic terms, a family locator app. Once installed on your family’s different smartphones, you can use the app to track where each family member is and they can do the same. Within the app, family members can check-in when they arrive at a location, message the entire family with the in-app cross-platform feature, send an alarm if they are in trouble, or call.


As a parent or admin, you can also set-up Safe Zones and Unsafe Zones for your kids. These are areas that your child is or is not supposed to visit. And you’ll get a message when they enter or leave these zones! Setting up the zones is super easy! With just a tap of a button, you can choose the location. Just like that! School — Safe Zone. Friend’s house — Safe Zone. Target — Unsafe Zone.  Oh, wait, that’s the alert my husband set on me! Silly guy!!


So, here’s why I like Family….

Sure, it’s a great way to keep track of those tweens and teens when they’re out with their friends on the weekend or after school and that’s something I’m sure I’ll appreciate as my kids enter the cell phone age (creeping up on us too quickly). But what I really like about this app comes up when I’m at a busy park or the mall or Disney World with my family. When we’re in a situation like that, it’s inevitable that my husband and I will have to split up at some point. One kid will need to go to the bathroom or we divide and conquer for some reason or another.

At Disney World this past December, there were multiple times where I would stand in line with the girls to meet a Princess or go on a ride while Tim would take Talon over to see another character or get a snack. When we were ready to meet back up we’d try texting each other or calling but that wouldn’t always work. Enter frustrated me who just wants to find her husband and kid so we can get some dinner because SERIOUSLY! These girls need food STAT! 

With Family by Sygic I could have simply tracked Tim to find his location. Done. I could have even used the virtual reality app (another cool feature) to find him in a crowd (hello? Disney!). Now, while we won’t be necessarily heading to Disney again in the next year, we will be spending time at parks, busy festivals, camping and other weekend adventures. Family will be so nice to use in any of those situations. I’m even looking forward to adding the app to my extended family’s phones for those family trips!

Family by Sygic from Sygic on Vimeo.

Ok, I understand I might be sounding borderline stalker here but that’s really not the case. Well, not entirely. It’s just a really easy way to help a busy family stay connected!

Of course, with any new app, there are a few bugs. Tim and I have noticed that we don’t always get notifications when one of us enters or leaves a safe or unsafe zone. Sometimes they are delayed and sometimes they are delayed by quite a bit. It also isn’t always tracking location in real time. This could be due to a myriad of things — bouncing between cell towers, dropping out of data service, or their servers may just be overloaded. Easy things that I’m sure they are already improving as I type.

ptpaawardSo, I’m going to keep testing it out for the next few months to see how it continues to work for us. I’ll check it out in a variety of real life situations and I’m looking forward to a few of my siblings and friends testing it out with their kids! And then I’ll report back to you guys! In the mean time, you can download the PTPA Award winning Family by Sygic for free for your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad or Android. FOR FREE!!!! And now a giveaway…


Enter to win the Offline Sygic GPS Navigation app! One winner will either receive this GPS app with maps of Europe, Americas, Southeast Asia, and Africa valued at $89.99 (Android users) or, for you iPhone users, the GPS app with maps of North America (US, Canada & Mexico) valued at $39.99 and an additional app with maps of Europe valued at $49.99.  To enter, use the Rafflecopter form below.


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I am currently working on an ongoing sponsored campaign with PTPA and Sygic. All opinions are my own.

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