2013 09/04

The Letter Project: teaching my kids the beauty of handwriting letters

My girls love getting mail. A magazine, a letter, a card. They just love seeing their name on it. And I can’t blame them. While I don’t jump up and down when I get mail (hello, bills), I do love getting hand addressed envelopes.

Unfortunately, in the age of computers and Social Media, letter writing seems to be a lost art. We send emails instead of letters and texts or Facebook messages instead of cards. I know. I do all of that, too. It saves time. It’s just easier. But something is lost in the exchange of those digital words.

My grandma is the exception to all this. I don’t even know if she has a computer in her house because she still handwrites every letter and sends actual cards with handwritten notes to the kids at every birthday. Sure, her letters talk mostly about the weather and their health (she’s well into her 80s, after all), but I love them. I soak in every word. More so than I would any typed letter, email, or text.

It’s a lost art.

There is just something magical that happens when a pen meets paper. The scratched out misspelled words. The small blotches of ink where the pen sat too long on the paper. The slant of letters as they dance across the page. The jagged edges after being torn from a notebook or pad of paper. The creases in the paper from being placed in the envelope. It’s beautiful.

Handwritten letters are personal. Emotional. Romantic. Lovely.

Do you find it sad to think that our kids could grow up never sending or receiving handwritten letters? Me, too! That’s why I’m creating the “Letter Project” with my kids!

Each week throughout the Summer, they will handwrite a letter. Once a month we’ll send a letter to Great-Grandma and the rest of the weeks will be letters to various family and friends. I’m also hoping to connect the girls with one or two pen pals, as well!

In the weeks leading up to Summer and the kick off of the “Letter Project”, I’m going to stock up on all of our letter-writing goodies — stationary, envelopes, stamps, personalized return address labels for the girls!

I hope the girls love this project because I’m all sorts of giddy just thinking about sitting down with them and helping them put their thoughts down on paper. To watch as they create this word art as their pencils dance across the paper. Giddy.

Doesn’t this get you excited?

If you want to join in with our “Letter Project”, we’d love to have you join us! Want to get a letter from the girls? Email me your address and we’ll put you on the list! Or you can create your own “Letter Project” with your kids!

Oh…and if you think your child might be interested in having a Pen Pal this Summer, let me know! Abbi is 7 and Zoe is 5 and it would be great to connect them with kids around their same age!

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