2013 23/04

We are officially on the house hunt!

We have 9 weeks until we close on our condo and it will officially no longer be ours. That means we have 9 weeks to find a new house. Sixty-three days.

That might seem like a long time. But it’s not. Every day that ticks by is one day closer to moving our family into our camper if we don’t find something. Do you sense the panic here?

The tough thing is that the pickins’ are pretty slim right now. At least the houses we want. We don’t want to find ourselves moving again soon so we want this to be our “stay awhile” house. And with that comes a long list of Must-Haves and Sure Would Be Nices.

As we page through listing after listing, I keep asking myself the same question — Old or new? 

We’ve looked at number of older houses. Everything from a few decades old to 100+ years old. Some of them have such amazing charm and character and I just can’t help but fall in love with them. But they also scare me. When we start updating them to fit our style and design choices, what secrets will we uncover? When I move that wall or replace that shower, what surprises are in store? Here’s the thing…surprises usually come attached to dollar signs.

Let me say, I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty and do some remodeling. We’ve personally remodeled two houses in the past 7 years. The problem is that we have to take these potential surprises into account when comparing our budget with the cost of the house. And, with three little kids in the house, do I really want to be remodeling? Living in the midst of a construction zone?

This pushes me toward the other end — The Newly Built House. So pretty. So updated. So move-in ready. Sure, a newly built home isn’t necessarily surprise free but the chances of those surprises goes down quite a bit.

We purchased our condo when it was just being built (almost 12 years ago). We worked with the builder to alter the layout and got to pick out everything from trim to cabinet style/finish to paint on the walls. It fit us from the moment we walked in. I guess I just really want that with our next house, too.

The nice thing about buying a newly built home is that my “to-do” list changes. I get to use that time (and money) that I would have spent remodeling, repainting, and repairing elsewhere. No need to alter floor plans because mostly newly built homes already have that open floor plan that we want and the optimized storage that we need. And Tim appreciates that those newly built homes are more energy efficient. He thinks about those kinds of details, that’s why I keep him around.

You can find more about the benefits of buying newer at http://clvr.li/XqTRfR. Some of the ways you can save are mind blowing!

*image courtesy of http://clvr.li/XqTRfR

*image courtesy of http://clvr.li/XqTRfR

While you’re there checking out these great tips, don’t forget to enter the Start Fresh Buy New contest! Just answer 3 new home trivia questions for a chance to win a $25 gift card and enter their $10,000 Grand Prize Giveaway!

When you purchased your last home, did you build, buy new, or find an oldie but a goodie? 

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