2013 04/05

His words

Although his words are few, I’m learning to appreciate the words he does use. And sometimes, he leaves me speechless.

Tonight as I was getting Talon ready for bed we decided to skip the changing table routine and just get ready on his bedroom floor. I held out his Huggies Slip-On, he stepped in and I pulled it up over his freshly bathed butt. Then he stepped into his pajama pants and patted the top of his head to tell me his shirt goes on next. Over his head, arms in.

As I pulled it down over his belly, I said, “Oh, Tal, you’re getting so big. Are you mama’s big boy?”

“Ut-uh,” he replied and crossed his arms across his chest.

“Awe,” and I began to give him a fake pout. “You’re not mama’s baby?”

He gave me his best scowl (something he’s perfected by now) and said, “Baby.”

“Baby?” It’s one of his more clearly spoken words but I didn’t understand why he was using that word.


“Oh!” and it hit me, “Are you mama’s baby?”

“YEAH!” and he threw his arms up in the air, as though he had been waiting forever for me to figure that out, and then threw himself into my body.

He’s ready to be a big boy in so many ways but, when it comes to his mama, he’s still a baby.

And I’m ok with that.

I’m thrilled with that.

And, after planting a quick kiss on his cheek, he was off. Running downstairs to put his big sisters to bed.

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  • I. Love. This! Great post, Stacey!

    I vote for keeping him your baby as long as humanly possible!! I miss those days!

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