2013 05/06

Keeping it together

The sale on our condo closes in less than 3 weeks. That means we have exactly 5 weeks before we need to be packed up and moved out. And, as of this very moment, we do not have another house to move into. Umm. Yeah.

The obvious reaction I get from people when they hear this is, “How are you not completely stressing out about this?

The truth is, I am.

The catch is that I have three small people who are constantly watching me. Taking their cues from me. The girls know that we are moving. They have looked at houses with us. They know this is our reality. What they don’t need to know is how uncertain everything is.

But I am, most certainly, stressing out. I spend a good portion of my day scouring Craig’s List, the classifieds and other online resources for any possible rental options. The problem is that we are in a very competitive housing market right now. Houses are selling so quickly and rentals, few and far between, are getting snatched up as quickly as they are listed.

And, although I’m stressed out about all of this, I don’t want to talk about it. Because what good would that do? In the evenings Tim and I will find other things to talk about. Or we sit together, mindlessly watching TV.

Then, after I close my computer for the night and the world around me is quiet, I can feel the stress overcome me and I cry. Eventually my body gives in and I will fall asleep. When I wake in the morning, I will let the hot water from my shower wash my tear-stained face and I’ll move on. I’ll make breakfasts, pack lunches, clean up messes, snuggle with those three small people, run kids to school/ballet/gymnastics, pack a few more boxes, and stress.

So, yes, I’m stressing out. I’m freaking out.

But I’m also doing everything possible to just keep my shit together.

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  • Aw Stacey! Love you girl! I can’t imagine the stress you are going through. I hope that you find a place soon and that it all falls into place ASAP. I admire you for your strength! You are an amazing mama. LOVE you!!!

  • I’m praying for you and your family – I know He has the PERFECT place for you to land!!

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