2013 31/07

I want my Summer back

I know we all say how fast the Summer days fly past us. But this Summer? “Fly past” doesn’t even begin to sum it up. The days and weeks have blurred together as a whirlwind of packing and house hunting and rental hunting and housing disappointments and more packing and moving and sorting and storing […]

2013 18/07

Renting. It’s like vacation.

We are officially moved in to our rental house. Boxes are unpacked and everything has found its temporary place. And, with just one rough night (the first night), everyone seems to have adjusted well to the move. Just disregard that the kids are beyond irritated with each other, partially due to the extreme heat and […]

2013 16/07

Saying goodbye with Ice Cream

Last week we said “Goodbye” to our condo. The condo we purchased just before Tim & I got married. The condo we thought was sold 4.5 years ago, didn’t, and ended up moving back into. The condo where we welcomed Abbi & Zoe into our family and Abbi & Talon took their first steps. Even […]

2013 09/07

What I’ve learned from 61 years of marriage

Today my grandparents would be celebrating their 61st Anniversary. They are no longer with us but I have no doubt they are celebrating together in eternity. It’s very selfish of me to wish they were here, celebrating with us instead. But I do. I’d love to be sitting on their back porch listening to stories. […]

2013 08/07


Despite the chaos of closing on our condo, desperately searching and finally finding a rental, packing and sorting what goes to the rental and what goes in storage, and hauling load after load to the storage unit, we took a day out just to celebrate me. No boxes and packing tape. No questioning what we […]

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