2013 31/07

I want my Summer back

I know we all say how fast the Summer days fly past us. But this Summer? “Fly past” doesn’t even begin to sum it up.

The days and weeks have blurred together as a whirlwind of packing and house hunting and rental hunting and housing disappointments and more packing and moving and sorting and storing and unpacking and more house hunting.

And somewhere in there we’ve squeezed in a Science Camp, weekly gymnastics and one camping trip. But that’s it. Sad!

I thought that once our month and a half of housing preoccupation was over, we could spend time focusing on all those fun Summer things we wanted to do.  But, here we are, August staring us in the face and less than 5 weeks of Summer. And I am going to man-handle these next 5 weeks.

We will camp one more time (sort of). Visit with family. Go to the zoo. Splash in the fountains. Dip our toes in Lake Michigan a few more times. And we will take advantage of the fire pit in the backyard at our rental house and roast marshmallows.

I know I can’t get my June and July back but, August? You and me. I’m going to squeeze 3 months of Summer fun into one!

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