2013 18/07

Renting. It’s like vacation.

We are officially moved in to our rental house. Boxes are unpacked and everything has found its temporary place.

And, with just one rough night (the first night), everyone seems to have adjusted well to the move. Just disregard that the kids are beyond irritated with each other, partially due to the extreme heat and lack of air conditioning here, and that Talon’s two-year molars are pushing through. Oh, and I’m solo-parenting this week. But besides that, we’re all peachy-keen!

This is the first time we’ve rented since we were married eleven years ago. It’s a slightly odd feeling. Like we’re on a vacation without a specific end date and with most of our stuff. But without some fabulous body of water just outside the door. 

We are learning all the quirks and character of this older house and taking comfort in knowing that if anything major goes wrong, it’s not mine to fix. It’s also refreshing to just be in a house that I’m not constantly updating. The paint, the flooring, hardware, countertops — it is what it is. Although, our landlord has done a good job of keeping this decor up to date.

So, we’re here. And will be until life takes another turn.



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