2013 20/08

A conversation about money.

Abbi: Mom, which one is closer: Florida or California? Me: Florida. That’s where we went when we went to Disney World. Abbi: Next time we go to Disney, I want to go to LegoLand, too! Me: That would cost a lot of money, Abbi. Abbi: How much?

2013 19/08

There’s just something about Vera.

A few weekends ago I made a whirlwind trip over to Detroit to speak at a blogging conference. While checking in to this beautiful hotel late Friday night, a woman in passing said, “Oh! I love your Vera!” You love my ‘what’??? Then it hit me, she was talking about the bag I had slung […]

2013 12/08

Who would have thought, Ashton Kutcher offers words to live by.

I’ve always been a fan of Ashton Kutcher. Sure, he seems like twelve year old boy trapped in a man’s body at  times (or most times), but he’d done well as an actor. Ok, it got a little weird there with his relationship and then break-up with Demi Moore but he seems to have come […]

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