2013 20/08

A conversation about money.

Abbi: Mom, which one is closer: Florida or California?

Me: Florida. That’s where we went when we went to Disney World.

Abbi: Next time we go to Disney, I want to go to LegoLand, too!

Me: That would cost a lot of money, Abbi.

Abbi: How much?

Me: A lot.

Zoe: Well, we’re rich!

Abbi: No we’re not, Zoe. Dad has to work.

Zoe: Oh. Then how do we get rich? Oh, that’s right….we have to steal it. Like the pirates.

Talon: Pi-at! Jake! ARRRRR!

Abbi: No. You have to work.Or just do nothing. 

Zoe: Well dad works and mom does nothing. So that means we’re rich! Can we go, Mom? 

I’m not exactly sure how to make that conversation go different. Because, after all, they do make some good points.

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