2013 17/09

Feeling settled

Finally, after five years, I am allowing myself to feel settled. It’s been a long, frustrating, patient-testing road but I’m happy with where the road brought us.

Here’s a recap on the past 5 years…

Fall of 2008 — We sold our condo on land contract and moved to our conveniently empty rental house. Always in our minds that it would be a temporary move! Cleaned it up while living there and placed it “For Sale”. No action resulted in us taking it off the market and waiting until the housing market recovered a bit. And, to keep myself sane, I continued to update it and kept a good portion of our stuff in storage.

Fall of 2011 — The lovely young couple who had been trying to get a mortgage to purchase our condo decided they no longer wanted to live like adults, defaulted on our land contract and were asked to leave the condo. We placed both the condo and the rental house on CraigsList as rental options and decided we would live in whichever one did not rent first. Rental house rented. We moved back to our condo. Still keeping some stuff in storage. Not settling in.

Winter 2012 — Officially placed the condo back on the  market.

Spring 2013 — Accepted an offer on the condo. Looked at a handful of houses to purchase only to find out that someone else had already beat us to the punch and put in an accepted offer.

July 2013 — Sold the condo. Moved 75% of our stuff to storage and moved into a rental.

August 2013 — Found the house we both loved {what?} and I spent a solid three weeks putting together over 250 pages of documents to prove to a bank that we were mortgage worthy. Put in an offer. Accepted. And closed!

September 2013 — Moved in!

It feels so good to have all our “stuff” in one location. No more storage units or off-site workshops. Everything we own is in one spot. Our spot. It feels so good to not say, “Oh, sorry kids, those toys are in over in the storage unit packed away.” Or need to run to the storage unit to to switch out the kids clothes to the next size up.

I feel like I can breath again. Deep and restful breaths. Because we are home.

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