2013 06/11

House updates and I need YOUR help!

I think I’ve mentioned a few {hundred} times that I have absolutely no desire to move again. Houses, that is. I unpacked all of our boxes from our move, including those from the storage unit, in record time. Under a week. I know!

Of course then we moved right into yard clean-up mode and have been using every free day to tear down fences, trim trees, and clean out the areas that the previous owners decided to just use as leaf/brush/yard clipping dump areas. Oh, and picking up walnuts. And more walnuts.

But now the weather is turning colder, or so I think it is, and I’m focusing on inside projects!

Thankfully the projects are very surfacey. Until we get to remodeling the basement and creating my customized mudroom area (so excited about that one!). Here are the two *big* projects I have on my “keep me sane this Winter” list and I need YOUR help!

1. Hallway

I want to paint the drywall section of the hallway. We don’t have a ton of drywall in our house and I’m not a fan of the “country blue” here. So, what color would work here? A color that would go with the wood. And the khaki color of the doors. Oh, and there is pretty much zero natural light in the hall.

So colors — Give me ideas!!


2. Bathroom

This is the bathroom upstairs in Talon’s room. It’s a bit of a split bathroom. Sink just outside of the toilet and shower area. The shower is a beige/almond colored stand up shower stall.  Someday I’d like to replace that, but not now. For now I want to put in new flooring and paint. The area is small and has a skylight.

So, what color and type of flooring should we go with? A simple but nice vinyl? Tile? Something totally different?

And wall & ceiling colors — What color could we do that will not make that shower stand out like a sore thumb? Note: The walls and ceiling would end up all being the same color since the ceiling slants right down to the wall. Or maybe not?



Give me your ideas. Suggestions. Thoughts. Help.

And mucho, mucho THANKS in advance!


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  • I think it doesn’t really need much improvement!

    For the hall, I would do something lighter. In my house, I have a light tan/beige color that I love, but I’m not sure if you would have problems matching that to the carpet and khaki doors. But I would go lighter than the blue.

    As far as the bathroom, I don’t think the tiles look bad. You could do more of an area rug in there too – like a nice memory foam mat in front of the shower and one in the space in front of the toilet. I prefer real tiles over vinyl.. but that’s my personal choice. We have a light sagey-green color in our bathroom that I love, because I didn’t want to do anything yellow. I believe it’s called bamboo. With the skylight I imagine you get a lot of natural, yellow light in there, so yellow tones might get pretty bright in there.

    Good luck!

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