2013 23/12

Survive Winter Break with Kidoodle.TV

Earlier this Fall I had the opportunity to check out a new kids’ tv streaming site called Kidoodle.TV while it was going through some beta-testing. I’m also excited to do that kind of work because, since we do not get cable out here in the good ol’ country, we get one channel with kids programming […]

2013 20/12

Kids Nativity Craft {the Wise Men}

I am so excited to continue one of our Christmas-time traditions with the kids and add another piece to our Nativity. In 2010 we made Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus. In 2011, we made two Shepherds and sheep. {Apparently I slept through 2012.} This year, it’s time for the Wise Men to join the crew! […]

2013 19/12

Give and Give Back with Hickory Farms

I’ve already told you earlier this season how much I love Hickory Farms and how their yummy, yummy sausages and cheese will make an appearance at more than one of our holiday gatherings. And, with four more parties to go before the New Year hits….well, let’s just say I better stock up on more Hickory […]

2013 18/12

Quick gifts sure to impress — HP Canvas prints

Despite my hell-bent attitude to get my Christmas shopping done early each year, I always, always, always have gifts that I’m looking for last minute. It’s just a fact of life. Thankfully, this year, HP Canvases and Meijer have come to my rescue with a gift that’s fabulous, affordable, and I can still get it […]

2013 13/12

Classic Christmas Toys with K’NEX

I absolutely love “classic” toys. There is just something about toys that transcend the decades. The problem is that my kids don’t always feel the same. They want the “hot, new toys”. The ones they see blasted on tv. They ones their friends are talking about. That is, until it comes to K’NEX! K’NEX is […]

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