2013 20/12

Kids Nativity Craft {the Wise Men}

I am so excited to continue one of our Christmas-time traditions with the kids and add another piece to our Nativity. In 2010 we made Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus. In 2011, we made two Shepherds and sheep. {Apparently I slept through 2012.} This year, it’s time for the Wise Men to join the crew!

Now, I know there is always some healthy debate on whether or not to include the Wise Men in a Nativity scene because technically they weren’t present at the time of Jesus’ birth. So, if your concerned about your Wise Men and their timely arrival, just put them on another shelf and they can be simply traveling to see Jesus.

Let’s get to the craft, shall we? 


Supplies you’ll need ~

  • Bodies & heads. We actually found these lovely little wooden “bodies & heads” at Michaels last year and picked them up. But feel free to use whatever you can find. Again, for Mary and Joseph we used little wooden pots and wooden beads and those worked great.
  • Small wooden cubes
  • Paint & paintbrushes
  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • Accessories (Time to raid your crafting boxes!)
  • Sharpie markers (optional)

Step 1 ~ Attach the head to the body of the Wise Men (if you are not using the all-in-one piece like we are) with a dab of hot glue. Paint the bodies of your Wise Men. I let the kids pick whatever color they like. You can also paint their faces. And paint the small wooden cubes that will serve as your Wise Men’s gifts. Then let them dry.


Step 2 ~ Once your Wise Men are dry, add a face using either paint or a Sharpie marker. The Sharpie marker works really well to give you a little more finer tip and dries very quickly. I also dabbed a little brown paint on one of the Wise Men’s faces for a beard.


Step 3 ~ Using all those crafting accessories you have, add some embellishments to your Wise Men and their presents. Abbi added a gold crown made from a gold pipe cleaner and added a little gold pipe cleaner to her present box to look like gold pieces. Zoe added a “jewel” crown to her Wise Men and a purple ribbon and bow to her pink present box {always the pink}. I went a different route and gave our third Wise Men a purple robe with gold stars made from some extra fabric we had. We used the hot glue gun to attach all our goodies to the Wise Men.

Step 4 ~ With a dab of hot glue, attach your presents to the Wise Men.


And there you have it! Three Wise Men to add to your Nativity!


*note: If you’re looking at the image from year 1, you may notice that we gave Jesus a slightly different manger. That big blue box drove me crazy! So we found this cute little “barrel” at the craft store and went with it.

Incase you missed them and are just starting out with your Nativity, here are the how-to’s for Mary, Joseph, & baby Jesus and the Shepherds and their sheep.

Next year ~~ Angels!

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