2014 29/01

If ever there was a vehicle meant for Michigan Winters, it was the Sorento

While I’m sure car companies and designers do not create car designs with a specific location in mind, I can’t help but think that the 2014 Kia Sorento was made for the MidWest. Especially the MidWest in Winter!

Last month I had the opportunity to test drive the new 2014 Kia Sorento and it seemed like our Michigan Winter weather truly wanted to put it through its paces! In a matter of a few days, we went from a sunny day with beautifully dry roads to freezing rain to being dumped on with snow. And more snow. And more snow.

The Sorento handled beautifully in every condition mother nature decided to toss at us that week! Which was fabulous for me because, aside from a blizzard or complete white-out conditions, I don’t have the luxury of letting a little sour weather keep us from being on the road. 

Fitting a family of 5

With the third row seating, the Sorento fit our family of 5 (sometimes 6 when the dog is lucky enough to come with us) without a problem! I loved that the rear seat (or third row) is a split-seat, allowing us to have more “storage” space while one of the kids is sitting back there. This was key because we are rarely just transporting kids. That week we happened to be shuffling from holiday party to family get-together to dropping off Christmas donations at church. Rarely was our car empty. Rarely is our car ever empty!


Let the sunshine in!

During the long Winter months, we are desperately craving the sunshine here in Michigan. On those rare sunny days, we want to soak in every ounce of it. The panoramic sun roof was made for this! Virtually giving you a sunroof the entire length of the Sorento, everyone in the vehicle gets to feel that lovely warmth of the sun as we drive. This is literally my favorite part of the entire Sorento. Even on the snow days, having that panoramic sun roof just makes you feel like your car is so open and airy. Which is fabulous when you’re feeling a bit of cabin fever. If I were ever elected into a significant political position, I would make it mandatory for all vehicles to have this. I think everyone would just be happier with a panoramic sun roof!

*image provided by Kia

*image provided by Kia

She keeps me warm

Second favorite feature would have to be the heated seats and steering wheel. Yes, a heated steering wheel! I know, you’re probably rolling your eyes because how can a heated steering wheel really be that great? Well, when the weather guys are calling for yet another day of sub-arctic temps and a polar-vortex-part-3, that heated steering wheel feels pretty darn good. And the heated seats aren’t too shabby, either.

She keeps me safe

The Sorento has one of the smoothest rides of any of the vehicles I’ve tested out. Whether we were cursing on drive pavement or traversing the icy or snowy roads, the Sorento handled each condition flawlessly. And, while we {thankfully} didn’t test out the safety features like the advanced air bag system or the reinforced body, I take comfort in knowing they are there! Speaking of “knowing they’re their”, the Blind Spot Detection System is pretty awesome and something I never knew I was missing until, well, I missed it. The Blind Spot Detection System gives a little warning indicator in the side mirrors when a vehicle is in the driver’s blind spot. Awesome!

*image provided by Kia

*image provided by Kia

Techie-lovers unite

One of the first things my husband commented on when he got into the Sorento was how amazing the dashboard was. Honestly, I hadn’t even noticed. I may have been distracted by how warm my hands and bum were. But he was right. The displays looked amazing! The back-up camera was awesome and the ability to pair my phone via bluetooth to the Sorento was fabulous!

*image provided by Kia

*image provided by Kia

I know what you’re thinking, Is there anything you didn’t like about the Sorento, Stacey? Well, not really. Oh, wait! I wasn’t too hip on the black/white marbly interior accents. But I suppose you could swap that out for other options. Or just get used to it. But that’s only if I’m being super picky.

Honestly, if we could figure out a way to pull our toy hauler camper with the Sorento, I’m pretty sure we’d have one of those sweet little bad boys sitting in our driveway permanently. Maybe someday.


I was provided this 2014 Kia Sorento for a week-long test drive and vacation from my mom-mobile from Kia. All opinions are my own.

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  • I do not live anywhere near Michigan or the cold, but I’ve been looking at the Sorento as my next vehicle. I love your thorough review. I think this may be “the one”

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