2014 12/03

Dream it! Build It!

Oh, LEGO. I have a love-hate relationship with you. And I would wager that most moms would agree. You drive kids to explore their imaginations and stretch their creative depths {love}. But, oh, the pain when you step on one of those bricks! And you will step on one at some point in your LEGO-parenting phase. Just accept it. Then remind yourself of all that creativity and imagination while you nurse your pain.

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to take the kids to a sneak peek look at the new “Dream It, Build It: A LEGO Certified Professional Exhibit” at the Grand Rapids Public Museum. The exhibit, officially opened on March 1, features the creative architectural work of Adam Reed Tucker, LEGO Certified Professional, whom we also had a chance to chat with.


The “Dream It, Build It” exhibit includes 13 LEGO brick recreations of some of the most famous structures from around the world, including the worlds tallest building (Burj Khalifa) — that will be the 17 feet 6 inch structure that meets you in the museum’s entryway. You’ll also see favorites like The Gateway Arch, The Empire State Building, and Fallingwater and a special edition, just finished scaled model of the Van Andel Museum Center.

At first look, you’d say, “Wow! Those are pretty cool.” But I want to you give you a few behind the scenes facts that will turn your “wow” to a “Are you kidding me??” amazement.

1. Look, mom, no glue!

This may completely terrify most moms. It certainly terrified me! None of the structures are glued together. One unfortunate move and a little falling-force and down they fall! I don’t want to freak parents out, but, seriously…no glue!

But that’s what Adam likes about creating with LEGOS. “Unlike other materials, LEGOS stick together. They want to stick together. And if they come apart, then you just stick them back together.”


2. Assemble. Disassemble. Reassemble. Repeat.

No glue also means that, when the exhibit is over and they move it to another venue, they will be disassembling all of those structures into transportable sections and reassembling them. A job that takes Adam (+1) about 20 hours to complete. An easy task compared to the hundreds of hours it can take for Adam to design and build a structure from scratch.

3. More than just a brick.

LEGO did not create any special pieces or LEGOS for Adam’s structures. Well, that’s not entirely true. LEGO has created hundreds of special pieces, they just weren’t designed for this. See, Adam has become very creative with how he looks at LEGOS. What once was a track piece from the LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Express set, is now one of the many pieces creating the window frames on Adam’s World Trade Center. And LEGO figures/people? Not safe around Adam! He’ll pop them right apart and use legs as corner pieces on structures. Yup, thanks for that Adam! I know have disassembled LEGO guys lying around my house!

Adam Reed Tucker teaching Abbi (8) about looking beyond what a LEGO was created for.

Adam Reed Tucker teaching Abbi (8) about looking beyond what a LEGO was created for.

Dream It, Build It” will be on exhibit at the GR Public Museum until August 31 and is part of your general admission to the Museum.  If you’re planning on visiting with your littler ones, you’ll be happy to know that the exhibit also includes a play area where they can tap into their creative sides and begin building their own LEGO creations while you explore Adam’s structures! And, if you make your visit before April 27, don’t forget to schedule some time to see the “Dinosaurs Unearthed” before that exhibit goes extinct! {sorry, too cheesy?}


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