2014 28/05

You live in the country now. What do you expect?

It has become our typical response to the kids when they complain about a mosquito biting them or the bees buzzing around them as they play. Yes, the bugs and bees and wasps are super annoying at times, but we live in the country. Bugs live in the country, too. Get used to it! But […]

2014 21/05

A treat and a toothbrush all in one…for your dog

Confession: I never brush our dog’s teeth. Now, some of you are gasping in horror and others are shrugging, saying ‘no big deal‘. But apparently Jasper has reached the age where dental hygiene is actually pretty important. According to the ASPCA, “Veterinarians estimate that 85 percent of dogs over five years of age suffer from […]

2014 19/05

A coop with a view

With the surprisingly nice weather on Saturday, we decided to finish up the Chicken Coop and give the girls an outdoor run! Yes, I know letting the chickens roam around the yard freely has an amazing amount of benefits, but the new puppy also believes all living creatures want to play with him (i.e. be […]

2014 09/05

5 Tips for Disney Character Meet & Greets + a fun Minnie Mouse Costume

In just a matter of weeks the great migration will begin – the Summer vacation trip to Disney! Some of my favorite memories are from those Summer trips to Disney. Packed in like sardines and driving for what seemed like eternity. Ahh! But I still get giddy when I get the chance to “meet” a […]

2014 07/05

Did we really lose our rights to farm in Michigan?

Earlier this week a new ruling came out by the Michigan Commission of Agriculture and Rural Development regarding backyard farmers. Of course articles and online buzz ensued. I should pause for a minute here and say that I am not a farmer, by any definition. And I won’t pretend to know the ins and outs […]

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