2014 05/05

The chicks and their new coop

If you think kids grow up quickly, then you should get chickens! Or just take my word for it. They grow at lightening speed!

After talking about it on and off since we moved in to the house, we decided to head over to Tractor Supply to see what it would cost to get started with raising chickens. It didn’t take long for the kids (and Tim) to start begging when they saw those little fluffy chicks. Obviously I caved with one stipulation — we would only get 3 chicks (one for each of the kids — despite the salesman’s insistency that we buy 3 dozen) and I would not be solely responsible for taking care of them.

Wait, that’s 2 stipulations. So I guess I had 2. And they agreed. So, on April 5 we became chicken owners.

chicks_april 4

After 4 weeks of living in an old watering trough in our garage, it was obvious we needed to upgrade (and upsize) their living quarters.

Armed with some knowledge from my lovely friend Donielle, I headed to Pinterest! Oh my word! There are some seriously creative chicken people out there with amazing coops! Which is also very overwhelming!

Then Tim found this beauty on auction! So we bought it. And began planning our renovations.


Part ideas from things we saw online and part our own ideas, we went to work on our custom chicken coop.

Before Interior


Creating the nesting boxes


Completed nesting boxes


Door between the coop & storage area


Building roosting bars


Our helpers


Hanging food & water


Loving their new home


Complete with guard dog


Not pictured — The space between the shed entry and the entry to the chicks’ coop is going to serve as storage for extra food, bedding, and rakes & brooms to clean out the coop.

Next weekend we’ll be working on the outdoor run for the chicks!

So far the chicks seem to love their new home. Or at least they haven’t told me otherwise. Abbi loves it the most! Now she can go into the coop and hang out with the chicks. And that right there made the whole project worth it!

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