2014 28/05

You live in the country now. What do you expect?

It has become our typical response to the kids when they complain about a mosquito biting them or the bees buzzing around them as they play. Yes, the bugs and bees and wasps are super annoying at times, but we live in the country. Bugs live in the country, too. Get used to it!

But apparently I need to heed my own advice.

Bats taking up residence in our garage siding (which have sense been persuaded to find a new location after Tim removed the pieces of the siding). Swallows nesting in our barn and our garage (these birds are my nemesis). Gophers and moles making my lawn their own personal maze of holes and trails. And those little natty black flies that insist on buzzing around my face every time I go outside. Drives. Me. Crazy!

But we chose this.

photo 2

If it were absolutely perfect, then everyone would live in the country and I wouldn’t have ten acres of almost secluded serene living space.

As much as the aforementioned drive me crazy, I also spend my days listening to nothing but the occasional bee buzz by, squirrels chattering at each other across the yard, and an assortment of birds chirping around me.

I sit on our front porch and watch as hummingbirds flit about with each other. Laugh at the antics of the baby squirrels who are emerging from their nest in the tree for the first time and exploring the world around them. And sit in awe at the beauty of the orioles and red tanagers who occupy our bird bath.

Listen as the kids get excited when they see {yet another} squirrel or turkey run through the yard. Or when they notice that the sunflower seeds we planted a few weeks ago have finally sprouted.

Watch as a bathtub full of nearly black water rinses down the drain after a full day of running and playing outside. And we listen as coyotes howl off in the not-so-far distance throughout the night.

Yes, we live in the country now. This is exactly what I expected.

photo 3

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  • Love the last picture!

  • For about the first year after we moved out to the country we regularly had to remind the girls that they needed to be “Country Kid Tough.” Thankfully, this reminder needs to be served up on a much less frequent schedule. Even so, Miss M took off at a dead sprint a couple weeks ago when we were doing an outdoor group photo at my mom’s wedding simply because there was a bee buzzing where she could see it. We live on an apple farm. There are ALWAYS bees buzzing around.

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