2014 23/06

Kids, jobs, chores, and time sheets…

First and foremost, I need to say that this is something that works for us. It won’t work for everyone and that’s totally ok. So don’t go giving me the stink-eye after reading this, ok? Super!

So my kids have fallen into this nasty habit of asking for something every time we walk in to a store. Doesn’t matter what store. They just want to buy something. Umm…scratch that…they want ME to buy them something.

And I’m getting sick of the whining that ensues when they are told “no”. To be fair, they are rarely told a flat out “no”. It’s more like “save up your money and you can buy that.” Which still produces the same amount of whining.

Then I got to thinking…I’m not totally being fair to them. They don’t have many opportunities to get  money to save up, aside from birthday and Christmas money from Great Grandma.

Chores ~

We don’t pay them for doing chores and they do not get a weekly or monthly allowance. Chores, by our definition, are tasks they are responsible for doing that help keep our household running smoothly. Everyone in the family has chores to do. No one gets paid to do them. Currently their chores consist of things like picking up their toys, putting away their laundry, checking on the chickens, etc. Simple, everyday tasks.

And I don’t believe in allowances. I’m not going to pay my kids for doing those simple chores or just existing in the family. Because, guess what…they aren’t going to have someone paying them when they are adults for keeping their house clean or feeding their pet or just existing. Why start now?

So, to give the kids opportunities to earn their own money, we’ve instituted Jobs.

Jobs ~

Jobs are the extra things around the house that need to be done. That I would usually do but the kids can totally handle doing them. Weeding the garden, taking the trash to the end of the driveway, watering the garden, putting away dishes, etc. Just to clarify…this isn’t an effort to make my life cushy. Trust me when I say I’m usually right there along side them while they do the jobs.

Each morning or throughout the day I’ll let the girls know what jobs I have available. They can choose for themselves if they want to do that job or not.

And not all jobs pay the same. Some jobs may be more labor intensive and receive a higher pay. Some jobs are simple and won’t pay as much. Even though we’ve talked about this, they’ll truly understand once they turn in their first time sheet!

Time Sheets ~ 

I created basic time sheets for each of the girls. {Here’s a blank timesheet you can use.} They have a space to list the job they completed and the date. Then there is a space for me to write down how much they earned for that job and a space for me to sign to say that I approved that job. The ‘approval’ is key. Otherwise I can foresee a certain 8 year old listing anything and everything she is asked to do. Job or not.


When their time sheet is filled, they can turn it in to be paid and start a new sheet. But it’s their responsibility to remember to write things down on their sheets.

Is it working ~

We’ve just completed our first week of the new system. So I can’t tell you for sure how it will end up. Right now both girls are eager to find out what jobs are available each day and have something they are saving up for.

If it works for the entire Summer, SUPER! If it works for a few weeks, I’ll totally take it! I’m just hoping it helps give them an understanding of work and responsibility and not getting things handed to them whenever they ask. We’ll see…

How do you handle chores and jobs and allowances/money in your house?

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