2014 02/06

The $7 Tree House…Castle

It was one of those weekends where we had a hundred things on our “to-do” list but, as we weighed out what each job would entail (materials, time and energy), Tim said, “hey, let’s build a tree house!”

In all fairness, this has been something we’ve talked about since moving in last September. Ten acres and three kids…not having a tree house just seemed wrong. Plus, neither Tim nor I had one growing up, so it was almost as much for us as it was for the kids.

So we scoped out the area, rummaged through the materials we hand lying around, and went to work. Just the two of us and the kids asking if it was done yet {every 10 minutes}.

Our total out of pocket cost on this is just about $7, which was spent on handles at the top of the ladder. We still have to add our pirate flag but I was able to use some Amazon credits for that! And I want to add a pulley system for a bucket that they can lower and raise (a bucket just small enough that none of our children can fit in), so that will be an added few dollars.

We were also fortunate enough to have leftover brackets {or maybe they are called braces}, hinges and lumber from previous projects. But we also made a conscious effort to reuse what we already had. That means that not all of the boards are straight and all are covered in dirt or bits of concrete dust (they were used as concrete forms). Sure, we would have saved time buying nice, new lumber at the correct sizes and lengths, but I love that old wood. It makes our tree castle feel at home here. Like it is a part of the trees.

Oh, and if you’re looking for plans or DIY instructions, my apologies! This beauty was created on the fly by the very talented husband!

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