2014 27/07

a hunger-free summer

So it’s been about 2 weeks since I first shared with you Feeding America’s initiative to have a “Hunger-free Summer” and help feed the thousands and thousands of kids who journeying through the Summer months with empty bellies.

I hope that post spurred on a few ideas on how you and your family can help kids in your own neighborhood.

Here a recap of things you can still do to help kids this Summer:

1. Harvesting for others

My kids love getting their hands dirty and trekking out to berry fields and orchards. When we go to do some “u-pick”s, we’re sure to pick extras to share with others we might think need a little extra. It only takes a few minutes to fill an extra bucket!

2. Stock up on sales and stock the food pantry

Take advantage of  “10 for $10” sales (or the like) at your local grocery store and drop off a few bags of canned or boxed goods t your local food pantry. This is the time of year that their shelves often start to look a little empty. Help fill them up!

3. Lend your ear to the Kid President!

This is by far the easiest way to help! Simply watch and share this video from Kid President! For every view, like or share, ConAgra Foods Foundation will donate the equivalent of one meal to Feeding America. If you share it with your friends and your friends share it with their friends, just think about how many meals we can still provide meals to!

Need even more ideas? Be sure to check out Feeding America’s Pinterest Board — A Childlike Summer! You’ll not only find great ideas for helping kids be kids this Summer by keeping their bellies filled, but you’ll also find some fun Summer activities your own kids will enjoy!

There is still a good amount of Summer days left! Let’s help our kids make the most of it!

I am honored to work on this #HungerFreeSummer campaign with The Motherhood, sponsored by ConAgra Foods. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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