2014 28/08

And let the labeling begin!

Do not tell my kids this. I repeat: Do not tell my kids this. But I’m going to miss those little stinkers when school starts on Tuesday. It will be very odd running solo for a few hours each week while all three are off to school! But I’m sure I’ll adjust 😉

That being said, this weekend is our final push to get everything ready in hopes of starting the school year off on the right foot. We’ll be going through the shopping lists one last time. Putting everything into backpacks. Getting our “school lunches” groceries. Picking out First Day outfits. And then labeling everything like our lives depend on it!!!

With our stash of Mabels Labels in hand, I am labeling every single supply. I kid you not. Shoes – check! Folders – check! Pencils – check! Yes, even pencils can be labeled thanks to the Skinny-Minis™ in the Back To School combos!


I really do have so much love for Mabels Labels. First, the assortment of labels are perfect for Back To School. As I said, the Skinny-Minis are a must for smaller supplies like pencils, markers, sharpeners, and scissors. Tag Mates™ take care of pretty much everything else like folders, binders, pencil pouches, clothes, etc. Shoe labels/Round labels…well, that one is a bit self explanatory, yes? Although, I will add that these have been a life saver for not only the indoor shoes that my kids have to keep at school, but also those winter boots and soccer cleats! And, last but not least, the adorable Teeny Tags™ are keeping backpacks and lunch totes out of the Lost & Found!


Second, the quality is mom-approved! These labels and tags are amazing at staying on all year long! No worries that labels are falling off and items are getting lost.

Our third reason we love Mabels Labels comes from my kids themselves — the designs! They adore that they get to personalize their labels. Monsters for Talon, the preschooler, Write Away™ labels for Abbi who can’t decide if she wants to be called Abbi or Abigail, and the new Chevron design in the Stylish Scholars Combo for Zoe.


I love the new Stylish Scholars labels. Still fun, colorful designs, but a little more grown-up for everyone from grade-school kids to college kids! Next year I can totally see getting Talon the blue camo Stylish Scholars labels!!

Even if your kids have started back to school already or aren’t starting until this next week, it’s never too late to grab a combo pack of Mabels Labels! As a matter of fact, Winter will be here before we know it and we’ll be doing another round of labeling as we unpack the hats, mittens, boots, jackets and snow pants. Show your teachers how much you love them and label all that stuff with Mabels Labels! {How’s that for a Back To School PSA?}

I am honored to be working with Mabels Labels on this campaign. We have been using these labels for years now and couldn’t imagine starting the year off without them. While I did receive a complimentary pack of labels, all opinions are, as always, my own.

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