2014 08/08


I promise.

It’s a phrase that, as kids, we threw around with little weight to the words.

I promise to be your best friend forever. I promise to never tell anyone about X. I promise I’ll never do THAT.

Pinky swears. Promise rings.

If we looked back at all those promises we made through our childhood, we would probably see many of them broken. 

But then we grew up. And “I promise” began to mean something a little more. Our integrity was attached to those two words. People hold us accountable to them. And they should.

I’m very careful to never say “I promise” to my kids unless it something that I fully intend on seeing through. I promised to love them, unconditionally, even when there are times I don’t necessarily like them. I promised to always take care of them, as I see fit, until I am no longer able. And, although not explicitly spoken to them, I promised to never speak negatively about myself or their father in front of them. I fully intend on fulfilling those three promises (and probably more).

I think it takes a lot to make a promise to someone.

Recently JOHNSON’S Baby made a promise to parents to truly listen to their concerns about ingredients that were found in some of their products. And they did. They listened and they responded. See here:

What do you think? Does the promise of a company mean differently to you than the promise of a person/individual? 

This post is written in part of a campaign with TheMotherhood and JOHNSON’S Baby. All opinions are my own. 

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