2014 05/09

Shooks Farms celebrates 100 years!

While coming home from our fabulous trip to Grand Marais, we had the fortunate timing of stopping in Ellsworth (Tim’s hometown) just in time to attend the Shooks Farms‘ Centennial Celebration!


In today’s age of “big business” farms, it has become a rarity to find a family owned farm that has been operating for 100 years! And Shooks Farms is exactly that. 

Starting out with just 50 acres in 1914 and a variety of crops and livestock, the farm is now well over 1000 acres and primarily focuses on its cherries and beef cows. And, of course, a few fields of crops to provide food for their cattle (hello! self sustainability!)

And, while most of you have no idea where Ellsworth/Central Lake is located and will probably never even drive past the Shooks Farm, I can guarantee you have enjoyed the {literal} fruits of their labor. That lovely red gem of a cherry on top of your McDonalds milkshake…yeah, that’s theirs!


Mostly I just love that Shooks Farms has, is and continues to be a family owned and operated farm. Reaching out and embracing their community whenever possible and inviting them to come and share with them this amazing milestone!

Happy 100 years, Shooks Farms! Here’s to 100 more!!

Learn more about Shooks Farms online, on Twitter and on their Facebook page

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