2014 28/10

building healthy tooth habits

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I was joking with the kids the other day that if I squished the three of them into one kid, they would shave the best dental care routine ever! The funny thing is that it’s totally true!

After buckling down and really getting the kids to remember to brush in the moorings, I determined that they will each have the one thing they each will do well and I just have to hope that it will make up for their lack of effort on the other parts.

Abbi is my brusher. Faithful morning and night for the exact amount of time she is supposed to brush. She’ll do mouthwash when reminded but flossing is a battle. She even tries to bargain with me…If I brush twice, do I have to floss?

Zoe, on the other hand, will happily floss each and every tooth. Twice. And she’d probably do it a third time if you asked her. I like the minty taste between my teeth! she says. Brushing and mouthwash happen but, if you want to make her happy, hand her the floss!

Then there’s Talon. About as much boy as you can possibly squeeze into a 3 1/2 year old, he’s all about the LISTERINE Smart Rinse mouth wash. Of course he is…he gets to spit when he uses it! And his spit is blue!! It doesn’t get more exciting than that when it comes to dental care for a 3 1/2 year old boy! Brushing? He’ll concede and do it and even let me help. Flossing? Not. A. Chance. Granted, he does have a very small mouth and it’s hard to get my fingers and the floss in there. So, for now, we’ll be happy with brushing and rinsing with him.


Is it the best scenario? Probably not. But we’ll take it. They gladly hold each other accountable (aka. tattling) if one of them skips out on a brush-floss-rinse step. And I have to be thankful they each have their favorite steps and {begrudgingly} do the other two. Most days.

And, hopefully along the way, we are building some good dental hygiene habits that will stick with them. Some day they’ll thank me!

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