2014 01/10

preparing for hibernation

Despite the really, really beautiful fall weather we’ve been having, I know that the colder weather is coming soon. Heck, this is Michigan…it could be here tomorrow.

But, because of the really, really beautiful fall weather we’ve been having, we have been knocking quite a few projects off our Fall To Do list.

It’s like my body knows that the Michigan Winter is just around the corner and wants to get as much done as possible because once that snow starts flying, my body is going to curl up inside our house, under a blanket by the fire and not come back out until late Spring.

It’s a lot like the Nesting Phase that expecting parents go through but I’m preparing for snow and cold and not a baby :)

So, those projects…here’s what we’ve been up to!

In addition to cutting, splitting and stacking wood whenever we can get our hands on it, we’ve also be prepping the garden for Winter. I harvested what was left and Tim gave it a good rototilling. And he took that opportunity to double our garden size and rototill more area.  {Honestly, I didn’t fare so well with our garden this year but he has more faith in me.}

We also cleaned out the area next to the barn that we think the previous owners were using as a horse-stall clean-out area. Or maybe not. We have no idea. But weeded it out, scooped it up and hauled it to the garden for a nice layer of mulch. I have no idea if it will help the garden this Spring but it seemed like the logical thing to do.

With that area cleaned out, we were able to section off a part and build a compost bin. Complete with a removable front gate that keeps the kids and dogs out of it!


Tim also tested his welding skills {I like to say weldering but he keeps correcting me} and built this lovely extension over our egress window. While the egress does fine with normal amounts of rain, we were finding some leaking problems with the massive downpours we were getting this year. The girls are looking forward to a nice dry bedroom!




Hopefully mother nature has a few more nice weekends in store for us, as we still need to prep the chicken coop for Winter, reseal our windows and find more firewood.

That’s the funny thing about this house…there always seems to be a project to do!

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  • I agree Stacey…my body knows the cold is coming too! I have such a huge list before the snow falls, I’m afraid it won’t all get done. We need another month of summer!

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