2014 29/10

the chickens and the kids, one in the same

They often say that a dog and their owner will begin to resemble each other. While I don’t see that happening in our house (hello, Boxer underbite!), I will say that it’s happening with our chickens!

No, our kids and chickens are not starting to look like each other but we’re definitely seeing the chickens take on the personalities of our kids!

This became so clear one day when we let the chickens out of their run to do some free ranging. 

Penny and ZB Peanut were all for it. Door opens, out they go. Happily exploring and pecking away at the fresh ground.

But Goldie? Oh Goldie! She would have none of it! She paced back and forth in the run calling out for the other two, who could have cared less about her panic attack, to come back to the coop. This went on for 10 minutes. Finally we climbed into the run and carried her out to join the other two because were a little worried she would worry herself to death!

And the entire time she was out there, you could tell she just wanted to be back in her run with her chicken sisters.

Can you figure out whose chicken is Goldie?

Is it possible to pass on your anxieties to your pet chicken?


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