2014 08/12

#GiveHappy this Holiday Season

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for OshKosh B’gosh. I received an OshKosh B’gosh gift card to purchase product and to thank me for my participation.

 I love finding new “family holiday traditions” to start with my kids. Some only last a year or two and others we have held onto for nine years now.

This year is one of those years where I’m adding a new tradition to our holiday — Night Before Christmas boxes!

The boxes will be a simple gift box for each of the kids to open on Christmas Eve. They’ll have the same general contents for each kid and I’m thinking they’ll be similar each year {if it’s a tradition we continue}.

This year’s Night Before Christmas boxes are going to include some favorites — a new reading book, a new coloring book, some hot cocoa, a new cocoa mug, and pajamas from OshKosh b’Gosh!


Of course there are about a thousand different places to get kids’ pajamas but one of my favorites is OshKosh b’Gosh! First and foremost, I love that it’s a “one stop shop” for me. Not only does OshKosh b’Gosh carry all three of my kids’ sizes (sizes 0-12, actually) but I can easily pick up other clothing pieces that we need for Christmas pictures or holiday events in addition to the pjs I need for the gift boxes! And I love the selection both in-store and on their website! When your “kid-free” shopping time {in-store and at-home} is as limited as mine, you truly appreciate those “one stop shops”!


Second, I know I’m getting quality clothes at a great price! How do I know this? Simple! Because my youngest is wearing OshKosh b’Gosh clothes that have been passed down from his cousins to his two sisters to him. That’s a lot of wears and washes and more washes and they still look great!

Third, they are styles my kids love. We’re entered those pre-teen years with our oldest and I find it tricky finding clothes for her. Most clothes her size are “so little kid!” in her opinion but I’m not ready for her to wear a lot of those “teen-ish” fashions you find in most stores. Thankfully OshKosh b’Gosh has a balance we both love — trends and fashions she loves but she still gets to dress her age. And, because OshKosh b’Gosh carries up to size 12 for kids, we can continue to shop there for a few more years! YAY!!!


Oh, and when a mom {who shall remain nameless} spaces out and orders the wrong size for one of her kids {oops!}, let’s just say that the OshKosh b’Gosh customer service team is AH-MAY-ZING! and fixed my order with just one simple phone call. AH-MAY-ZING!

In a time when holiday shopping can become so stressful, I love that OshKosh b’Gosh is focussing on #GiveHappy! It’s simple…forget the stresses this holiday and think about what makes you happy. Is it helping others? Baking cookies? Having all your friends and family over for a holiday party? Give that this year!


For me, my #GiveHappy is a box of simple, fun things I know my kids will love…their Night Before Christmas boxes! Because that next day we’re going to snuggle up in our new pjs, make a mug of our favorite hot cocoa, and read our new books and play games in front of the fireplace all day!

How will you #GiveHappy this year? 

Start your #GiveHappy shopping with this fabulous coupon from OshKosh b’Gosh! Find a store near you or stay snuggled up inside and enjoy their fabulous online shopping!!!

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