2015 19/01

DIY :: Bathroom Storage

When we moved to this house from our condo, we were leaving behind three full baths with ridiculous amounts of bathroom storage. It was probably the hardest part about moving here. Gloriously obscene amounts of bathroom storage {sigh}.

Now all five of us and and all our bathroom stuff pile into one bathroom that has one small cabinet and a tiny space under the sink. {Yes we have a second bathroom in the house but it’s in Talon’s bedroom…not off his bedroom…IN his bedroom. So we only use that for emergencies.}

The old owners were nice enough to leave behind a small three-tiered wicker corner shelf in the bathroom. In an effort not to spend extra money, we gladly put it to use for the kids toothbrushes, hair brushes, and magazines. But then I started noticing how dirty it was getting. And how not easy wicker is to clean. Especially when my kids manage to goob toothpaste all over the place! 


I kept telling myself, someday I’ll find the perfect storage solution! Until then, we’ll make due and suffer through the toothpaste mess.

Then I realized, I don’t have to wait for that perfect storage solution to magically appear {or go on sale}….I’ll create it!

DIY Bathroom Storage:


This storage solution is quite easy and required very little materials — piece of wood, mason jars, hose clamps! First, measuring the space we had available, we decided three mason jars would fit just about perfectly. Adding a little space on each end of the board and between the jars, our board measured out to be 16 inches long. Working with the reclaimed wood we had on hand, our board ended up being 6 inches wide, just wide enough to give a little space above and below the jars.

We planed the wood to “clean it up” and gave the edges a quick sanding to take soften the sharpness of them.

Next we measured where the center of each jar would be and predrilled holes to attach the hose clamps near the top . You can find hose clamps in the plumbing section of most hardware stores. Just make sure they are big enough to fit around the mouth of your jars. We used wide mouth mason jars and our hose clamps are 2 3/4″ – 3 3/4″ clamps.

To save ourselves the pain of drilling a hole in the metal hose clamp, we just lined ours up to drill through the last open slat. Worked perfectly!

After screwing the hose clamps onto the board, we rubbed some oil on the board to draw out some of the character and give a light seal. Once dry, we tightened up the clamps around the jars and done!

To attach ours to the wall, we actually screwed it to the wall with the screws hidden behind the jars. but you could easily attach a picture frame hook to the back of yours or just screw it in along the top or sides.


The best part about this storage solution is that, with the help of a flathead screwdriver, I can remove the mason jars when the get dirty and toss them in the dishwasher. Which I’m sure will happen every other day.

Of course this one solution wasn’t going to replace that entire shelf thing. I still needed to find a solution for the magazines. Then I remembered the old ammunition boxes we picked up from an antique shop that were sitting in our basement storage room. They were the perfect size for the magazines and, because we had two, I was able to stack the boxes to give us some hand towel storage and provide a little extra surface next to the sink!


I’m sure happy with how it came together and I’m hoping it works for us for a while!

Total project cost = $4.17 for clamps and $14 for antique ammo boxes; wood and mason jars were reused from other projects


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  • I like your storage solutions. I would want the mason jars able to be removed a little easier for me though :)

  • Thanks Connie! The mason jars are actually really easy to remove here. You just use a flat-head screw driver to loosen the hose clap screw and you can pull them right out. Also, because the jars have a little lip along the top (just below where the lids normally screw on), you could leave your hose clamp just a little looser and have the jars just sit in there (not tighten down). We tightened ours so the kids wouldn’t mess with them :)

  • Cute idea! Love the modern rustic look.

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