2015 06/02

DIY :: barn wood blanket box

So it has taken me so much longer to get this DIY recap to you than it did to do the actual project, all thanks to some issues on the backend of the blog. Some days it’s so much nice to just work with wood than it is technology. If the wood doesn’t cooperate or turn out the way we want, we just toss it in the fire. Not so easy to do when you’re dealing with websites and servers and codes.

But, alas, I bring you the Barn Wood Blanket Box!


Again, we used barn wood we had lying around the property. {side note: It is going to be a sad day when we run out of that barn wood!}. We made sure each piece was free of nails and other metal and then planned the boards to get them to a pretty uniform width and take off some of the dust and dirt and whatever else is on barn wood.



photo 2

After the boards were cut to our desired lengths (29.5″ for front/back sides, 17″ for left/right sides, 29.5″ for top and bottom), we glued them together to create each face. Then we used old-style carpenter nails to attach the sides and bottoms together. We used three narrow strips of wood to help create the top to the box.


The edges and corners were all given a light sanding to “soften” them up a bit.


In lieu of wooden handles and metal hinges, we used 1/2″ rope we picked up from our hardware store. Drilling 1/2″ holes into each side and top and knotting the ends of the rope inside the box.


And, to keep the natural look of the wood but bring out some of the grain and texture, we used a mineral oil as our finish.


Of course the box has also become an additional seating option in the living room!


Final dimensions of the Barn Wood Blanket Box :: 29.5″ x 18.5″ (deep) x 17.5″ (high)

And because Tim has gotten the box making down to a science, he’s now creating a smaller version of this box as a hats & mittens box for our back entry that will double as a bench for the kids to put on their boots! I’ll post that as soon as it’s done!

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