2015 06/03

beyond the garden

The other day I was perusing some homesteading blogs and, a podcast and a few clicks later, I found myself tumbling down a rabbit hole until I landed at a documentary called “Back To Eden“. Surprisingly the documentary in its entirety is on Vimeo so I started watching it after the kids went to bed, totally expecting it to take a sharp turn toward weird hippy-ville and I would be back to watching reruns of Criminal Minds in no time.

But that didn’t happen.

Two minutes into the video, I was captivated and so intrigued by this man’s gardening methods. And then he began talking about pesticides and how he doesn’t use any. But it wasn’t really that he didn’t use pesticides that gave me pause. After all, I know plenty of gardeners who steer clear of pesticides or use natural/organic pesticides. It was what he said about why we started using pesticides that got me. 

“As plants became weaker because of chemical fertilizers, insects began to be very overpowering and would take out huge amounts of plants. So they stepped up to the plate and created insecticides. What they didn’t take into account was that the Creator designed everything in nature to be overcoming. And as these insecticides would come in contact with these insects, they [insects] would mutate and develop opposition to it and the next generation, those insecticides didn’t affect…So they have to keep improving and strengthening the insecticide.

What that has progressed to today is that the insecticides are so powerful, so potent that they are killing the plants. So what they’ve done to solve that problem is now they’re using genetically modified organisms where they’re changing the DNA of the plant and putting the insecticide into the plant…This is not going to end.”

Just before this he references a quote from George Washington Carver about dealing with disease in his trees: “You don’t want to deal with a disease. You want to get the tree in good health and vigor and it will take out the disease.”

And I realized…this is so much bigger than plants and fruit trees and gardens.

Haven’t we already seen this everywhere? Don’t we continue to see it year after year? Hey, there’s a new strain of flu vaccine available this year because the flu virus has mutated and is now resistant to last year’s vaccine. Did you hear about the CRE poking up at hospitals throughout the US? CRE is an antibiotic-resistant bacteria (“super bug”), often found in hospitals and spread through contaminated hospital equipment, that killed 2 people last month at a California hospital, with a possibility of 200 others infected.

We’re so afraid of germs that we lather our kids with antibacterial gels and soaps and lotions every time they touch a surface from the minute they’re born. We don’t even give their little bodies the chance to develop natural immunity to fight anything.

We’ve replaced real-world play with virtual playgrounds, heaven forbid Junior falls down and scrapes a knee.

We’re so scared of eating an apple with a small brown spot or buying vegetables that have marks of insect bites on them, because why? We’d rather eat [and feed our kids] food that no insect would even touch. Because it looks nicer. Prettier. We’ve traded nutrition for appearance.

And then we buy extra vitamins and supplements from the grocery store along with our “magic” weight-loss pills to make up for things. We line up for our flu shots and schedule out the 69 doses of vaccines our children are to receive before they turn 18.

When will we stop? When will we get our “trees” back into good health and vigor so that they may “take out the disease”?

I fear we won’t.

“This is not going to end.”

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