2015 30/03

Spring on the Homestead

Despite the fact that the temps have barely crept above freezing since Spring officially arrived, it is, indeed, Spring here on the Homestead. And there are signs of our Michigan Spring all around us!

From fat little robins bouncing around the yard to little green plants and a few flowers sprouting, I know Spring is on it’s way!


With the arrival of Spring, we’ve also had a few new arrivals on the property.

We’ve added four new chicks to our chicken coop. Well, they’re hanging out in a tub in the entry of our chicken coop for now. Once they get a little bigger, we’ll introduce them to the other ladies. And, because we break the farming tradition of not naming your animals, our new chicks are Dixie, Lulu, Bell, and Cow {my way of pacifying Talon’s deep desire to have an actual cow}.


They are just two weeks old (to us) and they have already grown so much. Hopefully the transition to the flock will go smoothly and by this fall we’ll be collecting more eggs!

In other baby news, Kat delivered her first (and hopefully last) litter of kittens. I was suspicious about a month ago that our little Kat might be pregnant and, sure enough, she was. She delivered 5 kittens over the weekend as best as we can tell. She and the kittens are cuddled up together in the wall of the barn so it’s hard to get a good look at things. The kids are anxiously awaiting for them to get a little bigger so Kat will bring them out and introduce them to us.

In an effort to convince me that we should keep all 5, Abbi reminded me how Kat is such a great mouser and now we’ll have “five world-class mousers on the property”. Oh boy! {pictures to come later}

As far as babies go, I think we’ve got our hands full!

Of course the list of projects is continuing to grow as we {not so} patiently wait for the warmer weather to come and stay for awhile.

Because we have plans to move our garden location once we have cleared some trees, we are skipping the traditional garden and doing some container plants and possibly a small raised bed. We’ll also be clearing out some space for fruit trees and raspberry plants.

And then there is the everyday maintenance of fences, creating a new pasture for the horses at the back of the property and building them a shelter in that space.

That’s just scraping the surface of the list. There is certainly never a lack of things to do around here.

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