2015 09/04

An open letter to CheapTickets.com

Dear CheapTickets.com,

Wow! Just Wow! Your lack of customer service is just amazing. After finding an unauthorized charge on my checking account (via my debit card) to your website, I quickly called my credit union to rectify this. Unfortunately, the cancellation needed to be issued by you. Should be easy, right? Apparently not.

1. How is possible that you do not list your customer service phone number anywhere noticeable on your website? I had to find it via the BBB. This should have been my first clue as to how this would go.

2. I’m not even sure how someone is able to book anything on your site with just a credit card number. For me to make any purchases online, I’ve always had to have the exact billing address and name on the card or it wouldn’t go through. Apparently not so on your site. I guess that’s how Mohamad Sief was able to use my credit card to purchase 2 nights at a hotel in Cairo.

3. After spending an hour on the phone with you explaining the situation and you telling me you do not show my credit card in your system, please do not then say, “Oh, looks like we found your credit card and it’s possible someone has used your card by accident.” Umm, no. Pretty sure this wasn’t an accident.

4. After spending another half hour talking with a supervisor on a conference call with my credit union, my credit union was nice enough to make an exception to their policies and cancel the pending charge if you would just fax a letter to them stating that this charge was fraudulent. But, no. You insisted on sending me to your “Revenue Protection” agency. But, wait! Your “Revenue Protection” agency can only be reached by email. They have no phone number. WHAT? How is that even possible???

5. Three hours later I receive an email from your “Revenue Protection” agency saying that the “void period” has passed and there is nothing they can do. And advises I contact my bank. Are. You. Kidding. Me????

6. When I called your Customer Service team again, I was AGAIN told they could do nothing and it would be escalated to the “Revenue Protection” agency. When I said I do not want an email response from them; I only want a phone call, you assured me I would receive a phone call in 3 hours. Apparently “Revenue Protection” doesn’t understand because I just received another email from them saying they are “unable to release any additional details” and I need to call my bank.

7. It took 6 hours of fighting with you to get you to agree this was a fraudulent charge and finally {FINALLY} you are agreeing to cancel the charges. But, oh, it will take 7 – 10 business days for the refund to finalize.

Thank you, CheapTickets.com. You have ruined any chance of fun for us on the remainder of my kids’ Spring Break because now all of the money in my checking account has been seized by I don’t even know who!

And while your customer service script instructed you to say “we hope you’ll do business with us again”, I can guarantee without even a fraction of a doubt that, No, we will not be doing business with you. Ever.


Not Mohamad Seif

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