2015 01/04

When I get Grumpy-Hungry…

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I find it funny that, despite feeding my kids three meals a day plus the never-ending dishing out of snacks, I often forget to feed myself and  find myself really hungry in the most inopportune times. Like really hungry. Grumpy-hungry.

It usually hits me when I’m on my way to pick up the kids from school. I’m supposed to be happy to see them after they’ve been at school most of the day but my Grumpy-hungry self takes over. And I turn into some crazy version of Mr. Hyde or the Incredible Hulk…not the helpful Hulk but the super cranky one. Well, maybe without the abs.


I think that’s why I’ve always loved the #EATASNICKERS commercials from SNICKERS®. They are so true! We’re just not ourselves when we’re hungry. I’m Grumpy-hungry but my kids are either Whiney-hungry or Irrational-hungry. We all have our “hunger alter-egos”.

Knowing this about myself {and having it hinted to by my husband a few hundred times}, I try to be prepared with snacks in my purse. If I forget to toss something in my purse, I make a quick pitstop at CVS on my way.


In and out in just a few minutes thanks to the handy dandy candy stations right at the register. Which is great because no one in CVS wants to deal with my hungry self either! I just grab a SNICKERS® and I’m good to go!


And now that we’ve kicked off Little League season and evening practices and games, I’ll definitely be stocking up on some SNICKERS® to toss inside our game bags! Almond SNICKERS® for me and Peanut Butter SNICKERS® for the hubby. {If you think my “hungry Hulk” is bad, you should see my hubby when he gets too hungry!}


Because SNICKERS® doesn’t want us to get too down on ourselves for occasionally letting our “hunger alter-egos” out, they’ve created the “Who are you when you’re hungry” contest.

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 9.07.35 AM

Simply upload a picture of your hungry self or use their SNICKERS® Meme Generator to create the perfect “hunger alter-ego” and you’ll have a chance to win $50,000 {that could buy you a lot of SNICKERS®!}. Here I am as Medusa-Hungry {again, pretty accurate}:

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 9.06.27 AM

You know we’re not our best selves when hunger takes over so why not have a little fun with it and grab a SNICKERS®! You can find more fun SNICKERS® stories and recipes at the SNICKERS® Social Hub.

So, who do you think best depicts your hungry self? 


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  • I think we can all definitely relate to not being ourselves when it comes to being hungry at the end of the day. Great reminder to make sure I have a snack in my purse! #client

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