2015 19/05

Taking back my time with JORD wood watches

When my poor little watch died about two years ago and could not be revived by a new battery, I decided, “meh! I don’t really need a watch. I have my smartphone on me all the time. I can just use that.” And I have. After all, shopping for a new watch is not something I looked forward to.

But, you guys! I discovered a major flaw in this plan. Sure, it only took me about a year and a half to really realize this but, still. Here’s the problem: When I grab my phone to just “quickly check the time”, I find myself checking other things. It’s so crazy how my fingers quickly tap on over to that Instagram icon or Facebook or Twitter or {gasp!!!} Candy Crush. Next thing you know, my “quick” check of the time has sucked away….ummm…more time than I want to disclose.

So, in an effort to quit sucking away my time, a watch-shopping we go!

But I mentioned a few sentences ago that I really don’t like watch shopping. I honestly have an easier time picking out a car than I do a watch. I would occasionally browse the watch selections when out shopping but nothing ever caught my eye. And then I received this fabulous little email from the good people at JORD asking me if I would be interested in taking a peek at their watches.

YOU GUYS! I instantly fell in love! Unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, JORD watches are wood watches! Beautifully crafted, stunning wood watches!

Womens Wood Watches

After hemming and hawing for a few days over which watch I’d like to get my hands on, I finally settled on the Fieldcrest Zebrawood & Maple. I just loved the contrasting colors between the band and the watch face!


I absolutely adore how light and natural the JORD wood watch feels on my wrist! JORD will even size the watch for you before they ship it out, meaning it’s the perfect fit for you! {TIP: When sizing for your watch, be sure to add a little extra width since the wooden bands are a little thicker than a standard watch.}

And it’s definitely an eye-grabber. Most people I run into haven’t come across a wood watch much and are always asking me about it. It’s the perfect accessory to my everyday homesteading life!


JORD offers a variety of wood watches not only for women but for men, too. Sure, you could buy your dad or hubby another coffee mug or tie for Father’s Day but wouldn’t they love a wood watch? Unless they really do need that coffee mug or tie…then you can just surprise them with both!

JORD watches would also make for a stunning gift for the graduate in your life!

Now go check out all the fabulous designs available at JORD wood watches and grab yours today!

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary JORD watch in exchange for me sharing my honest opinion and experience. All opinions are my own.

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