2015 15/06

Camping Tip :: What to pack for your dogs

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Summer and camping. They go hand-in-hand for our family. My kids have been counting down the days until Summer Vacation for the past month because they knew that our very first “It’s Summer Vacation” Act would be heading out on a camping trip!

Nine years into camping with kids, I pretty much have packing up the camper down to a science. I’ve gotten good at packing for all the unpredictables of camping {i.e. the three days of ran and cooler weather on this recent trip = always pack rain boots!}. But we’re still learning when it comes to camping with dogs. Especially two dogs at two different stages in their dog lives and a whole different set of needs!


Surprisingly, camping with dogs is a lot like camping with kids!

What to Pack when Camping with Dogs ::

  • Leashes

    Be sure to pack a variety of leashes and tie-outs for various situations. Shorter leashes for campground walks and longer leashes and harness for longer hikes. Also, you will want a line keeping your dog tied-up at the campsite. Be sure to bring a stake for the tie-out incase there are no trees available.Be sure to pack along some little baggies for the inevitable dog messes, too!

  • Crate, kennel or dog-bed

    If your pup is used to being crated/kenneled at night, be sure to bring that along for sleeping. It can also serve as a space for your dog to retreat to if they are feeling overwhelmed or just need a break. And, tossing a light blanket over the crate/kennel can give them some shade on sunny days!

    Each snoozing away on their favorite blankets

    Each snoozing away on their favorite blankets

  • Food & water dishes {from home}

    This was a lesson we learned this past weekend. We purchased new food and water dishes for Jasper & Dexter to use in the camper {their old camper dishes had be repurposed into food and water dishes for the cats this past fall}. Dexter was baffled by the new dishes! For some reason he was completely uncomfortable with them and didn’t eat more than a bite or two of food the entire weekend! Yikes!

    If your pup isn’t as persnickety as Dexter, just make sure you have ample food and water for your dogs throughout the day. And remember to not leave food and water dishes sitting outside at night…you don’t want to invite unwanted guests into your campsite with leftover dog food in a dish!

  • Toys

    Keep your pups entertained with a few toys from home. Whether they enjoy jumping in the water after a frisbee, playing fetch, or just chewing on a bone around the campfire, don’t forget to bring something fun along for them. Because a bored dog can quickly become a naughty dog!

  • Emergency kits

    Of course we want to keep our pups safe and healthy while camping! So, packing along a quick emergency kit is always a good idea. Include any medications your dog may be on or may need (allergies, pain meds, etc), ointment for cuts, pet appropriate insect repellent, brush to help remove debris from fur, and tweezers to remove any ticks.

  • Treats

    People love giving dogs little treats but sometimes they forget that not all treats are good for all dogs. For example, Jasper has a variety of food allergies so we have to be careful of what treats we give him. Because we still want him to enjoy a treat or two while we’re camping, we always make sure we have some on hand!

    These new Purina® Beyond® Snacks are perfect for our boys. They absolutely love them and, because they don’t contain any grains and are made from all natural chicken, I don’t have to worry about them bothering Jasper’s allergies. And the size of the cutlets make it super easy for little campers to give the dogs their treats :)


    We found the new Purina® Beyond® Naturals grain-free line of dog and cat food and snacks at our local Meijer and happily stocked up on snacks and food for both the dogs and cats with the help of some fabulous Meijer mPerks savings {save $1 on Purina® Beyond® dog treats, $2 on Purina® Beyond® dry dog or cat food, and more through June 23}. **Learn more about Meijer mPerks at Meijer.com.**

    Look for Beyond in specially marked sections of pet food aisles and endcaps.

    Look for Beyond in specially marked sections of pet food aisles and endcaps.

    Since Kat and her kittens couldn’t come camping with us, we made sure we added some Purina® Beyond® Wet Cat Food to our grocery cart as an extra special treat for them as they held down the homestead while we were gone.


    I think she forgives us.

    I think she forgives us.


And, with that, our first camping trip of 2015 is in the books! The kids and dogs had a great time {despite the dog food dish debacle} and Kat and the kittens even forgave us for leaving them for a few days when we presented them with a dish of Beyond Gravy wet food!

What other tips would you include in a packing list for your dogs? 


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  • Your pups are so handsome! These are great tips- our dog travels with us always and I can’t imagine leaving her behind on a camping trip! #client

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