2015 29/06

Keeping your bathroom guest-friendly this summer

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I always thought I’d want a big house. Formal dining room. Everyone with their own bedroom. And extra bathrooms to spare.

Then we found this place.



A cozy little home placed on our ideal setting. And, while I’ve gotten used to the smaller space {and even grown to love having less space to clean and maintain}, I do have one gripe — the lack of bathrooms!

Oh, don’t get me wrong, we do have a bathroom! We haven’t gone that country! Our home has one bathroom. One. Well, technically we have two bathrooms but the second bathroom is upstairs, literally inside my son’s bedroom. It’s an odd set-up, so we reserve that bathroom for emergency purposes only.

So, back to my one bathroom…

Most days this works out fine. The kids can always use the upstairs bathroom if the main bathroom is occupied and we’ve all gotten very good at squeezing in and getting ready for the day while maneuvering around four other bodies and two dogs. {It never fails…the dogs have to be right there while we’re trying to get ready!}

But then comes the trick of hosting events at your house! We love having people over, whether it’s a big bash or a simple summer dinner with friends. But that means a lot more bodies using the one and {seemingly} only bathroom in the house!


5 Tips for making your bathroom Guest-friendly ::

1. Clean & Clutter-free

While I really do try to keep our bathroom clean and tidy, most days you will find used bathrooms hanging on the back of the door and kids’ hair accessories scattered in various places. It’s our main bathroom and life happens in there every day! But, when I know we’re going to have company, I make an effort to make sure every thing is picked up and put back in it’s place, shelves are dusted, mirrors are cleaned, and all those towels are removed. Sure, you know we shower in there but you don’t need to be reminded of by having towels and washcloths strewn about.

Also, to help keep things clean throughout the party, stop in and switch out the hand towels with fresh ones. Guests will appreciate not wiping their hands on a soggy towel.

2. Put away the personals

I’ve never quite understood the phenomenon of people rifting through other people’s personals when they go to their house. It’s not like I have anything to hide but I don’t necessarily want my houseguests checking out what medications I have in our bathroom. So, if there’s something in the bathroom that I don’t necessarily want looked through, I simply put it into a basket and set in my room for the time being. Although some times I want to toss a bottle of “Anti-Zombie” pills in the medicine cabinet just to see if I get a reaction from someone 😉

3. Steady supply of Charmin

There’s nothing worse than sitting down on the toilet in someone else’s bathroom just to realize that the toilet paper roll is empty! Now I’m forced to rummage through your cabinets to find more toilet paper! And I’ll probably stumble upon something you really didn’t want me to see!



So, we avoid this altogether by keeping a supply of Charmin readily available in the bathroom! It’s why I love this little toilet paper holder in our bathroom! It holds three additional rolls, which is usually enough to get us through a party! Of course, I’ll check in and add more if needed.



And, because Charmin carries Roto-Rooter’s stamp of approval to be clog-free and septic-safe, I can rest assured that we won’t have any bathroom back-ups with all that wiping and flushing!

4. Keep it smelling fresh

Speaking of bathroom back-ups, let’s remember to keep that bathroom smelling fresh all party long! Before guests arrive, quickly pop in a new plug-in or jar air freshener and set out a bottle of spray air freshener for guests to use as they need to.

5. Make them feel at home

Most importantly, I want our guests to feel at home while visiting our house. So I take this little tip from all those amazing hotels, restaurants and wedding receptions that I’ve been to over the years. Create an “emergency basket” for your guests. Nothing crazy. Just a simple basket to set somewhere in the bathroom with a variety of necessities :: floss, bandaids, tampons, hair spray, bobby-pins, etc.

Just some things that a guest might need during your party but doesn’t want to necessarily bother you for. It’s really not much work at all but guests will be so thankful that you were thinking of their comfort.

It’s important to me that our guests don’t feel like they’re sharing our bathroom with 10, 20 or 40 other people throughout the party. Hopefully these tips keep it that way :)

What are your tips and tricks for making your bathroom guest-friendly during summer get-togethers?

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