2015 03/06

Tackle your summer projects with BernzOmatic

With the Summer season here, it’s time to get those yards ready for backyard BBQs, pool parties, and hours and hours of play! Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? Until you realize you’re totally not prepared and your sidewalk is crawling with weeds! Yikes! 😉

Ok, so totally not a deal-breaker when it comes to Summer fun but if we’re spending hours and hours enjoying the Summer sun, we want to make sure our yard, sidewalks, home and driveway are looking nice through the Summer months.

Whether you’re planning a big outdoor project or just need to take care of some pesky weeds, here are two of our favorite outdoor tools for the Summer:


BernzOmatic Lawn & Garden Torch

The BernzOmatic Lawn & Garden Torch is the perfect tool for getting rid of weeds between landscape bricks, sidewalk cracks, or along the driveway without the use of harsh chemicals or spending hours trying to pull them by hand. The long wand attaches to a canister of fuel and simply burns away the weeds. So easy!


You can also use the BernzOmatic Lawn & Garden Torch for bigger jobs like repairing cracks in your driveway or burning the piles and piles of leaves from last fall that your husband promised to get rid of but sat there over the entire Winter. Not that I’m pointing fingers or anything.


BernzOmatic Trigger-Start Torch

Another great product from BernzOmatic, the Trigger-Start Torch is a quick and easy hand-held torch that will become your summertime best friend. It’s so frustrating to try to use one of those clicker-wand lighters when lighting the grill or bonfire. They take forever and rarely work! The Trigger-Start Torch works every time with a click and quickly lights grills, bonfires, tiki-torches that keep the bugs away, and more.

And, if you’re planning on a bigger project this Summer, the Trigger-Start Torch is a must-have for paint stripping!

Ok ladies, I’m going to talk to you just you for a minute {skip ahead, men}….Father’s Day!!!! Skip the neckties and coffee mugs this year and give your husband or dad some BernzOmatic yard tools this year! They’ll get to do that man-grunt thing that men like to do when they get new tools and they’ll be thrilled to use them on those outdoor projects you’ve been hinting at! But don’t be surprised if they use their new BernzOmatic torches to burn the To-Do list when they’re done :-)

You can find these BernzOmatic tools and more at most major lawn & garden tool retailers. And, if your’e not sure which BernzOmatic tool would be best for the projects on your To-Do list, check out their help section on BernzOmatic.com.

Which projects are you most looking forward to tackling this Summer?

Disclosure: This post is part of a sponsored campaign with BernzOmatic. All opinions are my own.

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