2015 27/07

3 Tricks for a fun Family Summer RoadTrip

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With just a few short weeks until we’re back into the school year craziness, we’re looking forward to a few more fun family road trips to soak in the Summer.

Because there’s always work to be done and animals to be tended to here, we aren’t able to do long road trips but we still make the most out of our day trips with the kids! Whether you are planning an multi-day road trip or just an afternoon scouting out the local beaches, here are 3 fun tricks to pass the time in the car with the kids!


1. Make Your Own Bracelets

Don’t worry, I’m no talking about packing along all your crafting supplies or busting out the glitter and glue in the car {although it probably wouldn’t be any messier than snack time}. Actually this idea combines both a craft and snack…and I can’t guarantee it won’t be messy. We are talking about kids after all!

This is a quick and fun “Make Your Own Twizzler Bracelets”!

1. First, head to Walmart and grab a bag of Twizzler Pull ‘n’ Peel from their Summer Fun displays and some circle shaped cereal.


2. Some time along your road trip, give the kids a piece of Twizzler Pull ‘n’ Peel as a fun treat but tell them they need to save one of the strands! It’s fun to keep it a mystery as to why.

3. Then give them a few pieces of circle shaped cereal and have them string the Twizzler Pull ‘n’ Peel piece through the cereal pieces to create their own bracelets! Just squeeze the ends together to complete the bracelet.



Fashion and food! Bonus!!





2. Short-stick Shenanigans

There are a few different versions for this one but they all include the Twizzler Twists!

1. Grab the same number Twizzler Twists as you have people in the car.

2. Pull/bite off the end of one to make it shorter than the rest.



3. Hold all the Twizzler Twists in your hand to make them look like they are the same length and have each person pull one from your hand.



Now this is where the different versions come into play! Pick the one that best fits your family or switch it up and do a different version at various points in your trip!

Whomever draws the short Twizzler Twist must:

  • Do something silly!
  • Answer a question.
  • Gets to pick the radio station for an hour.
  • Gets to pick where we stop for lunch!
  • Has to say something they love/admire about each of the other people in the car.

You get the picture! The best part is that this is a fun way to encourage conversations or stop an argument before it even happens! Kids always argue about who gets to sit where in the car? Use the SHORT-STICK!

3. Road Trip Bingo

An oldie but a goodie! Again, this one will require a little forethought before the trip.

1. Again, head to Walmart and snag some of the Twizzler Bites from those handy Summer Fun displays. Seriously, while you’re there, you mine as well stock up!

2. Print or make your own Road Trip Bingo cards. If you do a Google search for “road trip bingo”, you’ll find a ton of cards already made for you and in printable versions. I like this one from Everyday Reading. Or you can just use them as inspiration and create your own specific to your kids or your trip. Just be sure that if you’re making your own that you mix up the image order on the cards so they aren’t all the same.

3. While on your trip, hand out the Bingo Cards and Twizzler Bites. When someone spots something on their card, have them cover that square with a Twizzler Bite! First one to cover a line or row wins! And then it’s snack time (i.e. eat your game pieces….minus the Bingo Cards)! Everyone’s a winner!!!

4. Also, here’s a fun tip! Use small baking sheets or tops to plastic tubs to hold your bingo sheets and Twizzler Bites while playing in the car so they don’t go spilling everywhere!



For more fun ideas, check out TwizzlersSummer.com! What other fun ways do you pass the time on those long (or short) road trips? 

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  • Super fun! Love all these ideas–they are perfect because they’re so easy and you “clean” up by eating the snack, perfect for road trips! ~ Client

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