2015 02/07

5 Must-Have’s for your Summer adventures

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Neutrogena. I received samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

One of my favorite things about our summers is our impromptu road trips. Some days it’s just down the road to the park for some quick “run off that energy” time, while other days it’s an afternoon at the zoo.

It’s fun to see the kids be surprised when they discover we’re headed for one of those adventures. But sometimes we don’t even know we’re headed toward an adventure until last minute. I’d hate to say “no” to those adventures {and memories} because we weren’t prepared to be out in the sun!

My trick is to make sure my purse is stocked with a few summer essentials!



5 Must-Have’s for your Summer adventures

1. Baby wipes

Some days I think I’m single-handedly keeping the baby wipe industry going. Even though we’re out of the diaper stage, we continue to purchase baby wipes! They are like the duct tape of the parenting world. And on a road trip or road side adventure, they are definitely a must have. Wiping dirty hands & dirty faces. Wiping dirty surfaces. Everything gets wiped down!

2. Tissues or toilet paper

This one could probably be replaced by the baby wipes but sometimes you need something dry, so I like to keep a small pack of tissues or roll of toilet paper in a plastic baggy in my purse or in the car. Inevitably we will make a stop at a rest-stop (or some version of a rest-stop) along our way and they will be without of toilet paper. They also make for good napkins.

3. Sunblock

This is probably the most crucial item in for our summer adventures. Without it, our adventures would be cut really, really short. Or would be limited to indoor adventures. And that wouldn’t be very fun.

For us, it’s Neutrogena Sun products.


National Eczema Association’s Seal of Acceptance award winner, I know that Neutrogena Sun products will provide the perfect amount of sensitivity on my family’s skin while keeping them protected from those nasty rays. And, with skin cancer in our family history, I want to instill safe skin practices in my kids now.

Summer adventures are fun but not at the expense of my family’s skin health.

Do you have a favorite Neutrogena Sun product? Be sure to share your opinions on the Neutrogena website!

4. Snacks

A hungry family = a grumpy family. No fun will be had with even one grumpy kid {or parent} along for the ride. Sometimes we’ll just make a stop and grab some gas-station-goodies or stock up at a roadside stand. But I can’t rely on those being options, especially at the beach or on hikes. So make sure I have a few granola bars or bags of nuts on hand.

5. First aid kits

Just like I know someone will get hungry on our trip (no matter how short it is), I also know that at least one kid will get hurt. Nothing major. But someone will get a blister or scrape. Honestly, my kids could get hurt in a room full of cotton balls. A simple kit of bandaids and ouchie-spray works!

Do these five ingredients make for a “fool-proof everyone’s going to have a fabulous time” adventure? Nope! But if I had that secret figured out, I’m pretty sure I’d be famous. At least these five ingredients give us a fighting chance 😉

What are some of your essentials for your Summer purse? 

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