2015 24/07

#TravelMI :: Hudsonville Ice Cream & New Holland Brewery

Disclosure: Earlier this summer I was invited to attend a press tour with both New Holland Brewery and Hudsonville Ice Cream. All opinions are my own.

July is such a good month. Let’s just start off with the obvious…It’s my birthday month! Oh, don’t feel bad if you missed my actual birthday. I gladly celebrate all month {ahem…chocolate}.

Of course there is also the fact that we are in the prime of the Summer months. Long sunny days soaking up the vitamin D. Peaceful evenings lit up by fire-flies. July definitely has “Summer” pinned.

But July also marks two other fabulous celebrations :: July is National Ice Cream Month AND Michigan Craft Beer Month! Bam! It’s no coincidence that these two celebrations would come together in my birthday month.

To help kick off the celebrating, I had the privilege of visiting two of my favorite West Michigan companies who happen to enjoy celebrating National Ice Cream Month and Michigan Craft Beer Month:


In their own realms of world, they each rock their respective industries. And when they come together, it’s pure magic!

Hudsonville Ice Cream, founded in the early 1900s, has truly perfected the art of making delicious, creamy ice cream. One bite and you know it’s Hudsonville Ice Cream.

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And while Hudsonville Ice Cream could stop with their 24 All-Season Flavors and 13 {current} Season Flavors and the world would be happy, that’s just not in their nature! This year Hudsonville Ice Cream has stepped up their game and created their Naturals line of ice cream!


Oh, you guys! So, so delicious!

Hudsonville Naturals features ice cream made from natural, real ingredients. No artificial colors or flavors. As in they actually use Michigan strawberries to flavor and color their strawberry Naturals ice cream. Mind blown 😉 Ok, so I might be adding a bit of sarcasm there but it’s actually serious. Why on earth would you want ice cream full of artificial flavoring and bright pink food dyes?

Hudsonville Naturals currently come in four flavors — Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Cocoa Bean, Strawberry and Salted Carmel. And they are all amazing! The next time you are at your local grocer, look for them next to your other Hudsonville favorites. They’ll be in a fun green container…not easy to miss! And, if your grocer doesn’t carry them, go give them a knock upside the head. No, no! Just kidding! But do ask them to consider carrying them!


Now, let’s shift over to my other favorite…beer! More specifically New Holland Brewery beer!

New Holland Brewery

At the risk of making myself sound really old, I remember when New Holland Brewery got their start in an old leaky building on the outskirts of the local college campus. Oh my, how far they’ve come!

State of the art facilities that they are constantly outgrowing. Amazing new brews and spirits that they are creating, bottling and selling all over the place. A beautiful brewery in the heart of Downtown Holland. They are really rocking the microbrew world! But, just like our friends at Hudsonville Ice Cream, complacency isn’t in their nature! Recently they’ve expanded into creating their own line of furniture and accessories from their repurposed whisky barrels!


You can even take a tour of their Production Campus to get an even better appreciation of where your favorite ale, stout, or spirit comes from and how it’s all made!


So beer and ice cream: they are both absolutely fabulous and a much appreciated treat throughout the Summer. But why am I telling you about them in one post? Because they are fabulous together! And I love how New Holland Brewery and Hudsonville Ice Cream have found creative ways to work together, each showcasing their amazing products and creating something new and delicious. It’s all about thinking outside the ice cream tub or beer mug.

The next time you’re craving some Hudsonville Ice Cream, consider pouring a little New Holland Dragon’s Milk over it to create the ultimate adult ice cream float!

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