2015 20/10

Halloween preview

I never know what the kids will decide for their Halloween costumes. Some years they know instantly and are very specific. Other years they wait until the last minute or are pretty general.

And while I’m all about reusing items we might have here at home or repurposing some of our old costumes into something new, some years I just need the help of the costume stores. Oh, wait, let me rephrase that….the help of the online costume stores! Because standing in front of that giant  costume selection wall or the racks and racks of costumes at the store with three kids for what seems like FOR-EVAH is not this mama’s idea of a fun time.

So, this year, since the kids all had very specific ideas of what they wanted to dress as, we tried out Costume SuperCenter for our Halloween costumes.



And here is what they decided on…

A Tooth Fairy

Obsessed with tooth fairies right now {since she’s lost a handful of teeth over the past few months}, Zoe didn’t want to go as just a general fairy. She wanted to be how she imagines her tooth fairy as. However, there’s really not much in the line of Tooth Fairy costumes out there. So, Zoe chose the Girl’s Green & Pink Fairy Blossom Costume from the Halloween 2015 line-up. She loved the colors and imagines her tooth fairy would definitely be all about the colors.



But here is a quick not about this particular costume :: be cautious with the sizing! We ordered the Medium because the size guide on the site indicated that it was for sizes 8-10 (perfect for us to add a layer of clothes underneath it). However, when we received the costume, the packaging says “3+” and the tag on the costume says “5-6”. It definitely fits more like a size 5-6 and not 8-10. We’re going to just be creative with how to make this work for her.



An Indian

Or is it Native American? I don’t know! I just know that Abbi wanted to be an Indian this year for some reason and so this is what we went with. She loves the boot covers and we’ll definitely be able to add a long sleeve shirt and leggings for warmth! {This costume fit perfectly & was true to size.}



A Police Officer. With a mustache!

Ok, so we haven’t added the mustache yet but you can bet your bottom we will! He is adamant that he needs to have a mustache for his costume! And he’s probably the cutest little police officer ever! And I think it’s pretty awesome that he wants to be just like his daddy, who happens to be a reserve officer.



But you all better mind you ‘p’s and ‘q’s this Halloween because Officer Talon is on the job!



Again, Talon’s costume fit perfectly! I ordered a bit big to help add layers underneath and give him another year or so of play out of it. I think we just really had a fluke with Zoe’s :-(

Now we just need to find costumes for the grownups in the house! And maybe the dogs!

This post is a sponsored post from Costume SuperCenter. As always, all thoughts and opinions are mine and mine alone. 

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