2013 25/03

The great marriage debate: PB&J

When Tim and I got married 10.5 years ago, there was a lot to learn about each other. Along the way we each compromised on things. Anyone in a relationship will tell you that mutual compromise is one of the keys to making a relationship work. But there is one thing neither of us will […]

2012 25/10

Letting life get out of the way of dinner

I consider myself pretty lucky because our weekdays are not as crazy busy as some of yours. We have not entered the world of after school activities or sports, although my girls are chomping at the bit to get back in to gymnastics.  And yet, I still find that we are busy and getting dinner […]

2011 31/08

Simple Homemade Pizza Pockets

It’s no secret, I’m not a fan of meal time. I like to eat the meals, I just don’t like to prepare them. To my defense, it doesn’t help that my family is not the most adventurous eaters (some would say “picky”). That’s nice, to a point, but then it just gets boring. So, I’m on the […]

2011 26/05

A little S’mores substitute

Well friends, we have once again entered the camping world! Can you heave the eruption of cheers coming from my husband and children? After 18 months of looking (sheesh!), we finally found a camper option that would seemingly work perfectly for our family and fits all of our criteria:

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